Repeatable Bug When Switching Views in RM8

This is a follow-up to another thread about little things in RM8 that make it harder than it needs to be to delete individuals, but I think this follow-up deserves its own thread. I have been able to identify one cause of RM8 going off to some unrelated family when you change views. I’m sure this cause is not the only cause, but it is a cause that I can now replicate. I made a video of the problem and how to replicate it which is 5:58 in length.

RM8 Going To Wrong Family When Changing Views 5:58

I made an additional video of the same problem, except this time I did the deletes in Descendant View instead of Family View. The symptoms were similar but not exactly the same.

  1. I obviously could not do the deletes with the Delete key because the delete key doesn’t work in Descendant View like it does in Family View. I didn’t mention this in the video.
  2. Instead of highlighting the father John Doe after deleting a child, nobody is highlighted after deleting a child.
  3. When switching from Descendant View to Pedigree View after deleting a child, I get the wrong family just like when doing the deletes from Family View. When switching back to Descendant View, there is an access violation. I’m sure the access violation is because of a bad pointer because RM has lost track of what the proper family is supposed to be.
  4. When switching from Descendant View to Family View after deleting a child, the Add Father box is highlighted rather than the John Doe box. I failed to mention this in the video.

The video is much shorter than the first at 1:56. RM8 Going To The Wrong Family When Switching Views, Starting With Descendant View 1:56

‘nobody is highlighted after…’?

Yes, thanks for the correction.