An Example of Doing Some Real Work in RM7 and Replicating the Work in RM8

I made two videos, one for RM7 and one for RM8. I will let them speak for themselves. I sort of ran out of steam at the end of the RM8 video because it was going so much slower than the RM7 video.

Some Real Work in RM7 8:28

The Same Real Work in RM8 8:32


As I mentioned in the initial post of this thread, I sort of ran out of steam at the very end of the RM8 video. I wish I hadn’t. The reason I wish I hadn’t is that I encountered one of the very worst things that RM8 does and I was in such a hurry to finish the video that I didn’t notice it to remark about it at the time.

Between about the 8:00 and 8:04 time markers I highlighted Elizabeth Byrge and switched from Descendant View to Family View, fully expecting Elizabeth Berge to be in the primary position of Family View. I was then expecting to delete Elizabeth’s parents while in Family View. But instead, RM8 placed Elizabeth’s daughter Mollie A. Bunch in the primary position of Family View and Elizabeth was in the parents position. I certainly didn’t want to delete Elizabeth because she was colored blue rather than yellow.

By the way, Mollie A. Bunch had never been in the primary position of Family View. So it’s inexplicable how she ever ended up there. RM8 couldn’t have remembered her being there. It’s just a bad feature that needs to be removed and the behavior needs to be changed to placing the highlighted person in the primary position of any new main View.

As I was finishing the video, I knew something just wasn’t right and I was talking about the wrong people, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong in real time. I don’t think I want to remake the video because this illustrates so well the sort of thing that can go wrong in RM8 when you switch views. The new feature in RM8 that tries to remember the way a main View was set up when last you were in it and that tries to restore that set up when you return to that view just really needs to be removed. It’s not a good idea that doesn’t work. It’s just a bad idea from the get go and it can’t be fixed in any other way than removal. When a person is highlighted in one view and you then switch views, that person needs to be in the primary position of the new view.

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It seems almost as if RM8 went to Mollie’s family because the last database operation it performed was deleting her child.