Pedigree View showing Descendant

Highlighting a person in Family view and then clicking on the icon for Pedigree view results in showing a descendant of the highlighted person and their Pedigree. Why?

I tried the same thing. When I do it, the same person is displayed. Not sure why it’s happening to you.

Most likely it’s the fruits of a new feature in RM8 such that when you switch views, it tries to remember what the view to which you are switching looked like that last time you were in that view. It then tries to restore that view to its previous status. Apparently, there were users who requested the new feature.

I don’t totally understand how the new feature is supposed to work and therefore I’m probably not describing it 100% accurately. Every time I think I have figured it out, it does something totally confounding that I can’t understand. Sometimes it will switch to a person that I haven’t even viewed since I sat down at the computer.

Among other things that are bad about this new feature, it means that you can’t highlight a person in the current view and predict what’s going to happen if you change views. That’s because what’s going to happen doesn’t just depend on what’s in the current view which you can see. It also depends on what used to be in the view to which you are planning to switch and which you cannot now see.

The feature really needs to be removed. And if it can’t be removed, there needs to be a way to turn it off.

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The behavior is very unpredictable Sometimes (actually a majority of the time), it does something logical and reasonable. Sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on what the view to which you are switching looked like the last time you were in that view. It’s even hard to create a scenario that’s repeatable enough to record it and show how confounding it can be.

It’s quite logical but not intuitive. If you’re in the family view with someone highlighted and then select the pedigree view it will display in this way. If the person is in your direct line, it will display the person as a parent with the child that you’re related to as the main or root person. If the person in the family view that you selected is not in your direct line, then it will display the oldest child as the root person in the pedigree view.
I hope that helps.

I think it’s more complicated than that because there are five views involved in this process, not just the Pedigree View. Plus, I don’t think it’s predictive in the sense of who is in your direct line. Rather, it seems to depend on how the view you are switching to looked the most recent time you were there.

I have tried and tried and tried to run through all the permutations and combinations of switching views to understand how it works. I don’t think it’s either logical or predictable. I can be in View A and highlight a particular person and switch to View B and get a different result than the previous time I was in View A and highlighted the same person and switched to View B.

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I agree Jerry and I too have been going round in circles trying to understand it.