Problems with Ancestor View and Chart

This is a two-part problem that has recently appeared.

  1. When I am on the Family view of an individual and go to the Ancestor tab, instead of becoming the root person in the view, that individual becomes the parent. The only way to get a person’s Ancestor View is to go to a parent, choose Ancestor View and then highlight the child who was the person I wanted the view for in the first place.
  2. If I attempt a Ancestor Chart in Publish, the maternal and paternal lines are overwritten resulting in only maternal ancestors totally unreadable.

When you move from the Family to Pedigree View if the person is single with no child they will be in the primary position. If they have a spouse or child they will display in the parent position. If you want to move them to the primary position, right click on them and select Position, Move to primary position.

With the chart try restarting RM and/or the computer and it should clear itself.

rzamor1’s solution for moving people in the Pedigree/Ancestor view.
Restart has NO effect on the messed up Ancestor chart. Maternal & paternal lines still overwritten in the maternal lineage.
I have also discovered that Descendant Charts don’t generate at all - just a blank paper with a heading and a line across the middle…

You can send in a support ticket and we can confirm if its an issue we also see.

I have experienced this and have yet to pinpoint what’s happening. I did manage this workaround once to make the chart.:
-When this occurred, I immediately clicked upon the Person block, chose another name in the RootsMagic Explorer index, generated their chart and immediately returned to the messed up individual and generated a second time. It appeared to display correctly then.

But it doesn’t work everytime:

Okay, this just above screenshot was at default Descendant Generations. If I change that to 0 or 1 generations, I get just Horatio (they have no children):

BUT when set to 2 and above… it overwrites his wife onto his box graphic.

Ok, going back to Milton way above, if I get the squashed/jumbled chart... changing the generations lower from default and clicking Generate brings the boxes back. There's something going on with the Generations setting, for sure.

Okay - shut down for the second time and got a “runtime” error. When I reopened RM, the charts print fine. Weird to say the least.

I suspect that this behavior may be partially my fault. For years, I requested an option (with emphasis on option) whereby a newly selected person would go either into the Child position of Pedigree View or into the Parents position of Pedigree View if the person had a spouse or child. Those would be the two options. The exception would be when you are already in Pedigree View and highlight a person who is already in the same Pedigree View, for example, a grandparent or a great grandparent.

I pictured the option being easily selectable directly on Pedigree View itself, much in the same way that the number of generations is selectable on Pedigree View and on Descendant View. I pictured the option working the same way no matter how the person was selected. In your case, the person was selected in Family View and then you switched to Pedigree View.

I was particularly interested in using this option pre-RM8 with the sidebar set to a group filter. I wanted to scroll through the group in Pedigree View and to be able to see the person’s ancestors and their spouse (or at least, to be able to see one of the person’s spouses). So pre-RM8, when I was operating in this mode of operation, every time I selected a new person from the group filter in the sidebar, I had to shift the person from the Child position to the Parents position.

The new behavior in RM8 and RM9 does not satisfy my wish. It actually makes things worse.

  • There is still no option. It works the way it works.
  • In going from Family View to Pedigree View, it places the person in the Parents position instead of the Child position, which is usually not what I want because I usually want the Child position in this case. And there is still no option.
  • The RM8 and RM9 equivalent of the group filter in the sidebar is to use the Index tab with a group filter. The group filter with the Index tab in the sidebar works great. But it always puts the highlighted person into the Child position of Pedigree View instead of to the Parents position. And there is still no option.

So just to repeat myself again, I think there should be an easy to use and always visible option for Pedigree View that indicates whether the selected person should first appear in the Child Position or the Parents position. And the option should in be effect no matter if you are selecting people from the Index tab of the sidebar or if you are selecting people from some other view and switching to Pedigree View or if you are selecting the person in some other way. The only exceptions should be for a person with no spouse or children or if you are highlighting a different person who is already in the current Pedigree View. And even in the latter case, if you move off of Pedigree View and then back to Pedigree View with the same person still highlighted, then the person should go into the Child position or the Parents position depending on the option.