Add new choice within <Jump to>

…that shifts an individual to Primary person position within a view. Maybe call it -Make primary-.

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Right click>Position gives two options in Pedigree view and Descendants view, 1) Set Root person or 2) Move to primary position. The other views, Family, People and Couple give only the option to set as root person.
The Jump to has the option to jump to that person in either an Ancestry or FamilySearch when linked to those trees. (RootsMagic 9)

I have been mystified by this limitation ever since the Community Preview of RM8. There seems to be no good reason for it. When I complained about the limitation for Family view during the Community Preview, I was told to use the chevrons instead to move the view around. Why not just fix the limitation?

The concept of Primary position doesn’t even seem to exist for People List view and Couple List view. I very much wish that when I switched to such views that the currently selected person or couple would be at the top of the screen and that the top of the screen be the Primary position for those views. Where the currently selected person appears when switching to People List view and where the currently selected couple appears when switching to Couple List view seems almost random.

And the even bigger issue is of course that I wish that any time I switch views that the currently selected person would automatically be in the Primary position of the new view. The current behavior almost seems random with no rhyme or reason behind it. To my knowledge, the purpose of the current behavior has never been explained.

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Apologies, my Grandson being a horse’s patoot… unbeknownst to me! I had actually been talking about exactly what thejerrybryan mentions ~ the “focus” of an individual ~ while I was answering in another thread. Grandson staying over in my computer room punked me. Sorry again.

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I had been explaining to my Grandson about the right-click menu having a pointer to the individual in order for all the actions within that menu to be performed.

I don’t see it as a limitation and agree that using those chevrons to shift position is the easiest solution. Besides, there is no point in moving my brothers to a primary position, no spouse, no children.

There is a good reason not to have move to primary position on the Family View. That’s because not every person in that view can be moved to a Father/Mother position.

Not a good reason. For those persons that cannot be moved to a Father/Mother position, just don’t move them. Or don’t even offer the option for such people. This is no different than not offering the chevrons to move such people into Father/Mother position, which is something that is done both by RM7 and RM9.

Visual indications are very different that right clicking for options that may or may not be there. Not everyone would see the pattern on why some people you can move and others you can’t. It would generate more support tickets than the feature is worth. The arrows provide the same options.

If this is the development mindset, no wonder so many requested features have not been implemented over the years. They would generate more support tickets than development deems the feature is worth.

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Is that to say that a never-married male (or female) cannot occupy a Father (or Mother) block with accompanying blank Mother or Father block? That pretty clearly just represents they are/were not parents, but at least their flow navigation back to Parents is maintained.