Family View Question

I am looking at RootsMagic 8 and in the family view, I see no indication for the Father or Mother if they had other spouses.

In RootsMagic7 there was a small number that indicated there were other spouses and you could click on this number to switch the family view to the other spouse. I see no way to even know there were other spouses in the family view much less switch between them.

Am I missing something about how to use the family view?

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The information you are looking for is the People Side View which is available in all views. Under the higlighted persons name are 3 tabs: Details, Children and Spouses. You can switch betwee and rearrange here. You can also switch to other spouses from the Person Edit screen, notice the dropdown arrows next to a spouse (if more than one). Ditto for children. You can switch people here. Bruce Buzbee demonstrated this in the video “What’s New in RootsMagic”.


You will see that and a lot of other information on the upper section in the left pane. Play around with it and see all of the different views. It took me a while to get used to it but now I don’t even think about what to do or where things are.

It’s different, give it some time and you will love it. Now if they can only fix all of those little things on their list we will love it even more.


Must have missed that, thanks.


Easy enough to miss things - and I’ve been using RM8 in various forms for almost a year now. I just tell myself it’s good for my brain to learn new things :slight_smile: