RM8 - Edit People - Left Hand column / Husband w/2-wives

I have a situation where my ‘husband’ has 2-wives and each wife had a prior marriage. I can click on each wife and see their prior marriage information. If I click on the ‘husband’, I see the two wives. I can click on the ‘husband’ and his his 1st wife and see her and their children. She never remarried. If I click on the ‘husband’ and his 2nd wife … it takes me to the 2nd wife and her 1st husband and children … I can’t seem to get a screen with the ‘husband’ and his 2nd wife … they had no children. I have un-linked everyone’s spouses and re-linked the 4 marriages. I have rebuilt my indexes … all to no avail. Any suggestions from the community?

This is a known issue that many users have seen. The workaround is to switch to Couple View where you can get the couple together. After they are together in Couple View, you can switch back to Pedigree View or Family View and they will still be together.

I could be wrong, but I’m doubtful that this will ever be “fixed”. I suspect that the workaround to use Couple View to get the couple together will be identified as the proper procedure to use rather than just being a workaround. The reason I doubt the problem will ever be fixed is that I suspect that it’s tied in with a new RM8 feature where when you return to a View, RM remembers which person was the Primary person in that view that last time you were in that view and makes them the Primary person again.

RM7 used a different strategy where the Primary person in one View remained the Primary person as you switched between Views. As I have stated far too many times, I think the RM7 strategy was much more useful and I don’t like the new feature in RM8 at all. :grinning: I find it very confounding and confusing. When I go into a new View, I never quite know who is going to be the Primary person when I get there.

But both the developers and at least some users seem to like the new feature in RM8, so I don’t think it will be changed back. And my analysis may be wrong. It may be possible to get a particular couple together just using the sidebar and without using Couple View. We shall see.

By the way, your particular situation is compounded by the fact that your couple had no children. If they did have a child, you could get them together by first going to the child. But even this strategy sometimes doesn’t work. Namely, it doesn’t always work if the child has more than one set of parents - perhaps both biological parents and adoptive parents, for example.

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Well, Oh My … That is exactly what I did late last night. I added a child I called ‘test’ … and lo-n-behold … together was ‘husband’ and 2nd wife. When I deleted test child, they stayed together and are still together today. Guess RM8 is no better or worse than real marriages are today … LOL! Thank you for your suggestion and that really was what I stumbled on to fix my situation. Have a good day …