Couples Issue from May

Has anyone else had a problem with family view when a person has more than one spouse? If I look at Mr Smith and his first wife on family view all is fine. I can also look at say spouse # 3 and Mr Smith on family view, but when I change to spouse # 2 I get spouse # 2 and her first husband. This happens for both men and women. I am running windows 10 with latest update. I have reported this a couple of times but still is happening.



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Use the Couple List View to select the correct couple when this happens. There is an issue to be resolved if both spouses have at least 3 other spouses.

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I haven’t tried Couple View yet, and it may well be a solution.

But I can create the problem with only four total people and only three total marriages.

John Doe Male A marries Jane Smith.
Bill Jones marries Jane Smith.
Bill Jones marries Elizabeth Anderson.

The couple you can’t get together is Bill Jones and Jane Smith.

Jane Smith has two spouses and she always ends up together with John Doe.
Bill Jones has two spouses and he always ends up together with Elizabeth Anderson.

Added before clicking Reply: yes, Couple View can be used to solve the problem.

I can’t find a way to add children.

In RM7 if someone had more than one spouse this was indicated in ‘Family View’. This is not the case in RM8. I know that two or more spouses can be seen in ‘Descendants’ view but if there is no indication in other views you may miss the fact that someone has been married more than once.

Can some sort of icon be added to the ‘Family View’?

The information is shown in RM8 on the Spouses tab of the left side panel. It’s always there, no matter which of the five main views you are using.

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Thank you Jerry. I didn’t see the Spouses tab. I should have looked harder!
For any other unobservant people like me see below.

And by clicking on the spouse name in the spouses tab you get to see the spouse with the chosen person and also their children. Which solves the problem of Bill Jones and Jane Smith.

By the way, even though I pointed out the RM8 way of getting to multiple spouses while in Family View, I think the RM7 way was much better. Namely, the little numbers in RM7 were very handy. Also, the Family tab in the RM7 side panel always shows all the spouses of the highlighted person, no matter which view is in use in the main panel and without having to click on any sort of spouses button. I ran RM7 with the Family tab in the side panel about 90% of the time, and it was a very nice way to work - much nicer than anything in RM8.

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