Family view: Please add visual indicator if parent has more than one spouse

I’m very happy with RM8 so far. But one thing that totally bugs me is the missing visual indication if a parent has multiple spouses in family view. In RM7 you immediately see if a parent has more than one spouse. In RM8 you have to click on the person first to get this information.
A real downgrade in my opinion and something that should be fixed.


Look to your Person Side Bar. The count is there. Clicking on the tab you will see the spouses and the attached children also. ![PersonSideBar_Detail, Parents, Spouses

PersonSideBar_Detail, Parents, Spouses

That’s my point. You have to click on the person first to get the information in the sidebar.
In RM7 you don’t have to do anything to see if someone has multiple spouses.


The visual indicator is there, as you requested. You only need to click to see the details. A step that also needed to be taken in RM7.
edit to add, you do not need to click to see the side bar. It is always there and easily visible unless you have collapsed the side bar.

Please look at the screenshot I posted. Nothing has to be clicked in RM7 to see that the father has three spouses and the mother has only one. I get this info for both parents at a glance without doing anything.
It’s true that the sidebar shows the spouses but only for one person, by default the father of the family. But what if the mother has multiple spouses as well. I don’t see this unless I click on her.
For me and my workflow it is essential to immediately see if a person has multiple spouses. It was great the way it was in RM7. Now not so much unfortunately.
That’s why I hope that some sort of additional visual indication can be added in a future version. Only a tiny little thing, but I think it would be a big improvement.


I really do think this whole issue is a major weakness in RM8. The information actually is available in the RM8 sidebar, but only if the person is first highlighted and only if the correct tab is chosen in the sidebar. And it’s not available in the place where you are already looking. You have to look somewhere else. There are several extra steps to get at the information in RM8 whereas the information is instantly available with zero steps in RM7.


I agree with you.
The fact that a person has more than one spouse should be immediately visible without having to select the person.