Marriage recorde twice

In RM8 I recently added parents to a person and have somehow ended up with the marriage being displayed twice. i.e. the father has 2 spouses but they are the same marriage. How can I delete one entry?

You need to clarify if there are two different (and possibly different) marriage facts. There probably aren’t, but if there are then one of the marriage facts will need to be deleted. Aside from that, the main thing to do is to unlink father from one of his duplicated spouses.

The easiest way is probably to set the father as the root person in Descendant View. Highlight one of the duplicate wives and Right Click => Unlink => Unlink From Spouse.

Do double check that any children are linked correctly before doing the unlink. And do be sure open both duplicate spouses to see what they have in the way of marriage facts.

Many thanks for your help. There was only one marriage event, and only one of the duplicate spouses showed a child so I unlinked the other. All fine now.