Person shows 2 sets of parents, but they have the same ID numbers

A person in my database shows two sets of parents but they’re the same people, with the same ID numbers. As far as I can tell these parents have only a single entry in the database, yet they are shown twice in the information for their child. When I add the marriage date into the father’s record it shows up in the child’s information in the top entry only. The parents shown in the lower entry do not reflect the update. As far as I can tell there was no such problem in the RM7 database, which was converted recently to RM9. I’m afraid to delete anything. It’s as if the entries seen in the child’s record are shadow entries, apart from the “real” parents’ entries. How can I delete the second entry in the child’s record?

Correction - This was also a problem in RM7. I was wrong when I said the problem seemed to have been created in the transfer of the DB from RM7 to RM9. The question still remains though - how do I get the child to stop showing the parents twice?

Since you have the RIN showing, I would UNlink the child from the Parents (rt click on child’s name). You should then only have 1 set of parents.

Thank you. That helped, but now I realize that there’s another problem, which may have caused the mess in the first place. Each of the parents have two “Spouse” entries, which are identical. I can’t figure out how to get it to only one entry. I deleted the marriage fact but this made no difference. Any ideas?

I really appreciate your help.

Right-click on one of those Spouses and select Unlink > Unlink from spouse

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Do what kbens0n suggested and add the marriage info too.

This can be a mistake that can happen by accident and one might not notice. Especially when multiple spouses and marriages are involved. Bottom line is you need to fix the relationships. Usually unlinking the extra or wrong relationship will fix… You should take screenshots so you know what changes were before / after. Also, Good idea to make a backup as there is no change log.


I want to thank all of you for your ideas. I only now returned to this, and to my surprise, when I opened RM9, the second set of parents shown in the child’s profile was gone. I have no idea how this occurred because the screenshot I took before I last left RM showed that the child had two sets of parents.

However, each of the parents still showed two spouses, which were the same person. I did an unlink/link routine on both of the parents, then linked them back up, and now all’s right with the world.

Elements of this are a mystery to me, but it’s fixed, and that’s all that matters. Thanks again!

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glad the issue is resolved – sometimes the DB tools can resolve odd issue or simply restarting RM.