Duplicate people/family group but not

These people appear to be duplicates but they aren’t and I don’t know how to clean it up. There should be just one James Orr that married Janet McClement, but as you can see from this image the whole family group is messed up with apparent duplicates but they all have the same IDs. The corresponding Ancestry.com tree appears to be correct. I’ve run the dBase file tools: rebuild, integrity and remove phantom.

Thanks for any help.

Using RM9 with latest update

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The RIN’s (115) are the same meaning they are same person/record.
You could have a duplicate relationship if you are seeing somewhere such as a family group.

Thanks. I’ve run the find duplicate tool and fixed one and this still remains a problem. Any other ideas?

Open them in family view and see how the children are connected. You will probably have to unlink the children from the second and third spouse then link them back to first one. That should remove the duplicates

Also check for any duplicate marriage events in both spouses

@Grams --typically this happens when you add parents to a child, then next time, when you are adding the same parents to his siblings, you use the just add father/mother on the page instead of adding the child to the parents page ( RM should say do you want to add this child to this family ? BUT it doesn’t)-- if this is the problem, as MYoung said 1st check to see if part of the children are under one couple and the rest under the other couple and if there is more than 1 marriage fact-- if so then unlink the kids from one couple and link them all to the other-- just make sure you check that the info under the marriage fact is the same as sometimes one has more info–after that unlink the wife from the hubby ( same is probably true for 2 marriage facts–a child is listed under both)—from what I can see, it looks like the son James is listed twice under each couple…

BUT I will also mention this thread from a few days ago

Basically Patrick said a while back he imported a gedcom into his database then merged duplicates causing the person to show up on a marriage list twice BUT there is only 1 couple and 1 marriage ( not sure I agree as to how it happened)–if this is the problem, you have to UNLINK EVERYBODY and then link them all back together to get the phantom marriage and couple to disappear… ,

@MYoung @nkess Thanks so much. I ended up unlinking one of the same wife and their one child, then added the child back. It looks like this worked.


This is issue to do at times. Some it tricky to resolve – unlinking parents and children doing over sometimes if what is needed. Just make notes or screenshots so you can rebuild,

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