How to delete Multiple Duplicates listed in a person's event list?

I have not tried to delete any duplicates in any of my files other than my personal file or my wife’s file with the same results. On my file it shows my wife’s info 6 times and on hers it shows mine 6 times. If I look in the complete list of people in my RM8 it only lists my name once and her name once. I tried deleting her name and ALL 6 files disappear. When I put her info back all 6 reappear .

Not sure what you mean by “files” in this post. How can six files disappear when you delete a person? Are you meaning duplicate entries of the person? Are they really duplicates? Do they have the same RIN number?

Sounds like multiple links between the same two people, not duplicate people. You need to unlink them 5 times to get down to 1 only. You have 6 ‘families’. If one of them has children, that’s the one you want to keep but, if your unlinking a couple orphans the children, you can link them to the remaining couple.


When I read your reply, I realized that I had written my Topic wrong!
I was meaning that when I go to the edit screen for myself it lists Spouse 6 times, the first 2 have all of the same info and the last 4 only have my wife’s info and no kids. If I delete any of them with or without kids, they all disappear when I type the info back for 1, they all reappear.

The same thing happens if I try to remove my info on my wife’s edit screen.
I haven’t found as of yet anyone else on my Tree that this is happening too at this time.

4 times you must bring up the family view of you and your wife (without kids) and then right-click yourself and choose Unlink->Unlink from spouse->Unlink

1 more time you must bring up your family into view and then right-click yourself and choose Unlink->Unlink from spouse->Unlink

one linkage will remain with you all as a family

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How Do I bring up the Family View without Kids ?
All I get is with the Kids.

Sorry I answered without being near the program. My directions were from RM7. Just unlink them 5 times as TomH mentioned or all 6 times and re-link the family. It’s something You will want to become familiar with anyways.

Thank You!
That took care of my problem

I had the same issue. Deleting and Unlinking do different things. I found deleting erased everything. Grumble, Grumble!!! Unlinking leaves it on the index but as its own entity until you want to put it someplace specific. Hope this makes sense!