Duplicate spouses

I have a situation where the Family page lists two spouses for the husband, and also two for the wife. They have the same id number, there is only one of each person listed in the database, but they show up twice. For one of duplicate listings, the switching dropdown lists only the spouse, and the other duplicate listing lists the spouse and the children to switch to.

I have run all the database tools, and I have unlinked the whole family, and then linked them again one by one.

Any ideas?

I have a similar situation- one husband had two spouses with the same ID number. One wife had one child, the other wife (same ID) had two different children. I unlinked the children and linked all three with one wife. Now the husband has his three children with the one wife, but shows an ‘unknown’ spouse that cannot be deleted.
I would like to know how to resolve this.
In my case, I believe the husband, wife, and first child were entered in RM7. When I recently upgraded to RM8 and entered two more children, this is when the data started to show as two families, same father and two mothers with same ID.
Solutions appreciated, thanks.

did you also “unlink spouse” for each parent? Not only the child(ren) of the additional duplicate family from their parents?

I find that I get into this mess when I work up from descendants from pedigree view and then need to add someone into an existing family.
we no longer get asked (as in RM7) if when adding the first parent, whether or not we want to add to the existing family with both parents, and a new placeholder t’other parent gets added for the child
So when you then add the second, and the same happens and you end up in the sort of situation you describe.
I’ve not fully confirmed this, but now, once I’ve hit a known family to connect them to, I switch to family view for the parent, and connect the child into the family that way, keeping an eye on the
spouse tab for the parent over in the person overview pane.

I did unlink Family, I think – but I will go back and do it again and make sure I am really unlinking every single possible link.

Whew! That worked. After I unlinked family, it looked like they were all unlinked, but then I went to each of the parents, and unlinked spouse individually, and re-added everyone (for the nth time, all 8 children!) So glad to see I’m not seeing double any more.

Thanks so much, Lorna!