Wrong parents showing in connection

My great-grandmother’s parents are showing as her foster parents. How do I get her birth parents to show in the pedigree view?

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Lorine, on the People Side View, under your great-grandmother are 3 tabs, details, parents, and spouses. Click on parents , then on the parents you want to show in the pedigree (or any other) view.

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I see the 3 tabs, but I don’t see how to choose which parents to show in the pedigree or other views. If I click on one of the parents, it just takes me to that person.

Once chosen you can to back to your great-grandmother and that will be the parents that show in all views. Unfortunately, there is no way to mark a set of parents as primary, but they will stay “on top” until you choose the other set.

It isn’t working. I may need to unlink her from the foster parents & then see if re-adding them helps

I’m having the same problem. In my case there is no known birth father which may compound the problem?

I’ve finally managed to fix this I think. If you swap the parents in the Family View it then sticks in the Pedigree View - at least so far!