Item Preview Popup Box in Personal Items is black

Instead of a preview listing of contents of Personal Items associated with a fact in an individual’s profile, holding the pointer over the item icon produces a white-bordered box filled with black instead of meaningful information. An empty item does not produce a box. The phenomenon is general to all individuals and facts. The file passes the Integrity test and re-indexing. The program is up-to-date ( An Access Violation report was generated and sent upon closing an item after viewing the contents and another on the occasion of closing an item after deleting its contents. The access violation error was not consistent or reproducible. However, the error with the popup menu is consistent and reproducible. What’s up?

I do not seem to be able to reproduce this problem. What is the “item icon”?

Do you have Dark mode enabled on the Mac? That will cause black pop-ups and has been reported to development.

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Perfect! Who would have guessed?! Thanks so much!