Icon of "Sex" from Individual edit screen - not changing as expected

not sure if I never noticed before or if this is display is by current design.
The icon does not appear to change to match other screens such as family view.

from family view

Definitely by design. The little icon to the left of Eliza’s name toggles with the gender changes, but nothing ever changes in that dark purple panel heading until the window has been closed and reopened.

No FEMALE shows correctly - all Females show as Make from EDIT PERSON screen that is my point. They show correctly form main page etc.

Example #13764 Florence C. Green way

The icon in that bigger red square never changes while editing within the Edit Person screen. For me, it always changes to the appropriate gender after exiting the Edit Person Screen and re-entering the screen. That’s logical because it has to redraw the entire static window design element instead of a little icon decorator within an updateable form field.

Then it is either a bug or poor design. The same Silhouette should not have multipurpose meaning. in one display neutral and other male only. @rzamor1 is this a known bug and has it been reported to development – I would not call this a feature enhancement really as its more of a fix.

thanks Kevin

It doesn’t. It’s sole purpose is to indicate what gender the individual was BEFORE you opened the Edit Person screen. And when you close that window HAVING CHANGED THE GENDER…
The program returns to the main view (Family or Pedigree) and shows the updated icon (which will then become what is shown within the next opening of the Edit Person window. The icon that toggles each and everytime you change gender in the Edit Person window is this one:

Hopefully someone else can explain this design flaw

those silhouettes appear identical – they should not be. This can create confusion unless you look elsewhere. This is not a fresh issue. The silhouette either should be a neutral silhouette but when EDIT PERSON silhouette is the same for either “sex” and appears as male – this is may be intentional – but it poor design IMHO. I should not have to worry to look elsewhere. Whether called a bug fix or enhancement it should be fixed. Of course if you have a pic set for the person it would instead be shown.

I’m sorry. I got lost in going between doing two things my apologies. That unisex silhouette is the same for both until you add their Primary photo. Double-click on it!

The male and unisex silhouette icon have a similar shape and this maybe causing confusion.

I have a person in my family tree with an unknown gender. The icon shown for this person is coloured grey and its shape is the similar to individuals who are male (but their icon is coloured blue). The style of the female icon differs in shape.

Unisex (or unknown gender) icon
Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 3.17.09 pm

Male icon

The male icon has a slightly elevated hair line on top of his head (I would suggest a short back and sides haircut) which is missing from the unisex icon, i.e. the unisex icon is devoid of hair. The male icon appears slimmer for unknown reasons.

I can’t comment on whether this was intentional by design or whether the code to shown a gender specific icon was simply omitted from the Edit Window. I suspect the unisex icon is used for Edit Window but my monitor and its resolution is too small to see that hairline difference and at a glance, could be seen as male.

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That is a good explanation – however that bar area on EDIT PERSON where pic will appear if present is very small and has not color regardless of “sex”/gender – the point is it does not change when a person is selected Male/Female or unknown. So there should be no silhouette if no pic or a better silhouette.

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I’m probably got the wrong end of the stick - but I always thought that was where the persons photo was located in edit view? If they don’t have a photo, it just displays a blank silhouette to indicate there is no photo. I don’t personally see any issue, how many people do you not know the sex of from their name and icon next to their name.

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that’s correct – to be honest I never really noticed before this week – only when I was doing a certain clean up and fixing census role where daughter had been given son or vice- versa for sex mismatch – and I could not tell the way I had split the screens to work on that task. so this what prompted me to point it out – not sure why they could not either pick a better neutral one or pick the colored ones that are clear when a pic not available.