Remove Spouse block in Family View?

Is there a way to remove an “Add Spouse” box in the Family View for people who will NEVER or are proven to have never had a spouse. I would love if it could be removed or even filled in with a solid color. I’m often thinking I am missing a spouse when in fact there never be one. Is this possible and I haven’t figured it out? See attached screenshot for an example.

Those “place holders” are the by design. It would seem more problematic to remove them than to leave them as is. Too many different options(not everyone would agree). One option might be to add “Stop” for Spouse or children. I use a color Coding by Consanguinity method – right now 15 degrees = slate which about where I want to stop (for now). You could manually add Color Red With Given name “STOP” and also add STOP sign image.


Or IF your going to use STOP for given-- you could use NEVER MARRIED instead

BUT think Kevin’s idea of color coding is a great idea UNLESS it conflicts with other colors–meaning he Never Married BUT is your ANCESTOR–I maybe wrong BUT I thought only one color shows at a time–perhaps @kevync1985 or someone else can confirm that…

I agree that the button to add a spouse looks way too much like an actual person, including the generic avatar.
Same goes for the Add a child, Add father etc boxes.

Good suggestions presented and I have color coded the children or deceased who never were married but it’s not quite doing it for me. A few things to consider:

Adding placeholders like “Never Married” or “Stop” I believe would end up populating reports and/or books with that if you’re including spouses.

If the “block” where the +Add Spouse is located was able to be right-clicked away/or filled in with a solid color it could also have “add spouse” added as a right-click option. You never wouldn’t be able to add a spouse.

Hi all, I’m just wondering how you were able to add a colour to a “placeholder” individual? I’ve tried in the past and have been unsuccessful (unless details are entered for the “placeholder” and a RIN is created). Thanks for your ideas and advice.

Oh what I meant was I added a color to the child who was never married. Not to the spouse they never had…like this…

Oh thanks @WrannGen for the clarification. For a minute I thought you were on to something! :slight_smile: (And I’ve reread what was written and it was quite clear and I misinterpreted! Sorry)

You can code people with up to 10 colors – but currently only display one at a time.
If I recall correctly some version of display multiple colors by person we reported to development. This would be similar to the way FTM allows up to 8 colors per person.

As far as apply the various colors – if RM interface does not allow what you need you have open to create groups based on other groups (and/or logic) that might get you what you need – then you can apply color to all people of that final group. If that does not work - you can use SQL to create a group (since you are messing with Database you need to know what you are doing) and then apply a color withing RM.

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I don’t print reports to distribute so I put an X in the Prefix field for infants and children who died. It would also work for anyone you’re certain didn’t marry.

It’s really helpful to see at a glance when a family has lost several children. While the color coding works, I suspect you’d have to be consistent and use the same color with that meaning in all the groups you create, or it will get confusing.