Color Coding & Grouping ... Without Spouses

RM9 on Windows 10 … Using the new color coding for group identification I have noticed the following and would request program tweaking …

  1. When color coding descendants w/o spouses … program removes any prior color code from the spouse who was a direct descendant of a prior group … Now I’m unable to identify multiple lineages because of the spouse’s loss of color from their ancestral line!
  2. The ability to see multiple colored vertical bars on a person would also help indicate multiple lineages (ie: red-line of Kelsey, blue-line of Loomis, green-line of Buzby, etc). Nice; but, not as important as the missing or removed spousal colors following running a multiple number of color codes.
  3. The ability to remove color from an inadvertently colored group … Please add a ‘no color’ color to correct this human error … without having to remove color from everyone in the data base and then having to rerun group color codes a multiple number of times.
    Updated …
  4. I have now noticed that the only ‘color’ code that shows on people in my entire data base is from the most recent color code. NO PRIOR colors remain on any individual. What is the value now of ‘groups’?
    Thank You …

This item already exists. It’s called “Clear color for people selected above”

Thanks Jerry … I totally overlooked that! Duh … :blush: