Color Coding RM7

I have color-coded my direct line in RM7 which highlights the ancestor names in blue. However, some of the wives of ancestors are not being coded, but the direct line child of the couple is.

If you selected ancestors while color coding it will only color the direct line ancestors, and not the spouses of ancestors. If the child has more than one set of parents connected to them it will determine the last set viewed is the primary set of parents.

Thanks for your reply. But wouldn’t the spouse of the direct line ancestor, i.e. the mother, also be a direct line ancestor? Most of the mothers are highlighted; it’s just a few that aren’t. Some are a multiple spouse, and the others are not. I realize this is no longer supported software, so I can just manually highlight them when I run across them. I don’t know how not being highlighted might affect a report or export of a gedcom. Thanks again! :+1:

The mother and father would be included. The issue is when you have more than one set of parents for the child. It won’t color code both sets and go up their lines.

I’ll check and make sure that the child is not listed under both spouses. Thanks!