Marriage and Rearrange kids

In RM 7, when you added a spouse to a person
this box popped up

use to hate that box as I had lots of people to add BUT no marriage info found–unfortunately I now have a lot of people to add to the file with marriages and that box was NOT appearing in RM 8 or RM 9 UNTIL the other day when I was working on some else…

Unfortunately, it only shows up in limited WAYS—

If you are in pedigree, family view or descendant view and right click on the person, pick ADD PARENTS in the drop down menu-- the box will appear-- other than that I haven’t found any other way it shows up…
Doesn’t make sense to me that this box show up every time you add more than 1 child to a family when there are several ways to rearrange kids

But the marriage box does NOT show up when you add a child and their spouse in the family view or just add parents filling in the box on pedigree view etc…

know some of you would rather just create a fact for it BUT it takes a LOT MORE CLCKS to add it as a fact --it’s very few clicks to fill in the box and later add to the fact and I’m beginning to think that EXCESSIVE CLICKS IS MORE THAN JUST ANNOYING— ( edit) see my other post

Another Argument out of Range Error that is REPEATABLE

So can we PLEASE have the marriage box show up more often–perhaps with an option to turn it off and on


Confirming the marriage screen not appearing when adding a spouse has been reported to development.

If you add the spouse by adding a marriage fact to a person on the Edit Person screen it will come up afterwards.

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