Adding Marriage Fact to "ADD PERSON" form

Is it possible to customize the “Add Person” form to add marriage to it? I recognize it is a multi-person event, but hoping that when you would select marriage, it asks “do you want to add spouse?” That would be a bit more user-friendly.

Unfortunately, no. It appears that only personal fact-types (individual) can be added via Customize.

My approach to Add Person is to use it as little as possible. It’s not just couple facts like Marriage that is missing. It’s also things like sources and media files that are missing. So I do a bare minimum with Add Person and then switch immediately over to Edit Person. This is not new in RM8/9 for me. It’s the way I have worked all the way back to Family Origins.

Add Person will only add individual facts. If the new person already has a spouse in the database select to add a marriage fact to their spouse and it will give the chance to add a new person. That’s how I usually add marriages and spouses to the database.

Even if both individuals are not in the database, once I add one spouse I select to Add a marriage fact on their Edit Person screen when it comes up. Then I select to add a new spouse, fill that out and afterwards the marriage fact is there to fill out.

Thanks for all your replies! I’m still learning Roots Magic but it seems like great software!!