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In the People List > Customization window, it shows all fields. However, if you select “Marriage” or “Marriage Fact date” and add those to the display, the information about a marriage is displayed, even though the event exists for the individual. From prior posts, I’m guessing that this is because this involves “family” and is not just an individual piece of information. Is that so? If so, it would be helpful to eliminate all of the fields that won’t display information. I realize that users can add their own events, but this would be helpful for the majority of event facts.

I don’t totally understand the question. Marriage or Marriage Fact date are not displayed on my system at all when I customize People List View. As you suggest, that’s because Marriage is a family fact (better to call it a couple fact). People List View only supports individual facts such as Birth and Death.

Are you saying that you are seeing Marriage facts when you are customizing People List View? If so, I wonder if you might have added a Marriage fact to your RM system as an individual fact? Or you might not have done it yourself. Might you have imported some data that included something about Marriage as an individual fact?

I don’t normally download from Ancestry using TreeShare. But I do have a very small test tree on Ancestry that I use for this purpose. So I just now logged onto Ancestry not using RM in anyway. I then used Ancestry’s normal tools to approve an Ancestry hint in my test tree that was evidence for a marriage. As a part of the approval process, Ancestry created a Marriage fact for me in the Ancestry tree.

I then used TreeShare to download this little test tree to a new and empty RM database. Importing the data in RM in this fashion, the Marriage fact at Ancestry became a family fact (couple fact) in RM just as it should. The reason I ran the test is that Ancestry doesn’t really support family facts (couple facts) in the same manner as RM. Rather, it has individual Marriage facts for each spouse. But the TreeShare download process did convert the individual Marriage facts at Ancestry into a family fact (couple fact) in RM. So if you have any individual Marriage facts in your database, I doubt that they came into your database via TreeShare.

I didn’t realize that there is a Marriage/Personal vs Marriage/Family tag. I selected the Marriage/Personal, put in the marriage date and under Shared, added the wife. Now in the People List View, when I select fields to add, such as Marriage Date, it appears. Adding Marriage still does nothing, but it is the date that I wanted.
Not to clear why there is Marriage/Personal and Marriage/Family tag. Any uses of one vs the other?

RM does not have Marriage/Personal by default. It has been added to your RM database. Either you added it or another user added it and you imported their data. Or possibly you imported data from another genealogy software that handles spouses in a non-standard manner. That’s why I got into the long winded discussion about Ancestry. In any case, a Marriage/Person fact which is an individual fact will not really incorporate both spouses in a standard manner.

I don’t know how your Marriage/Personal fact works. But because it’s an individual fact you probably have to enter it twice - once for each spouse. And it will not link the spouses together into a family unit.

I have seen the Marriage (Personal) fact type created by a TreeShare download early on after the feature was released. I don’t do much with TreeShare now and cannot comment on whether it is still possible that such a fact type could be created.

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While it’s annoying, there are some databases that only list the brides, or only the grooms. And while I would think that the Ancestry team that leases those datasets would figure out a way to also search the groom/bride index for the matching fact, they have not done so. So I’ve had cases where I know that they married/place/date but not whom they married. Just a data point…