TreeShare marriage records on add new individual

When adding new individuals from Ancestry, the marriage record is not being added. Is this a setting I have missed or a bug in TreeShare?

Ancestry has only Individual Event/Fact types. RM has Personal/Individual & Family Event/Fact types.

It is a two step process by design.

In RM 7 a spouse in a couple transferred to RM from Ancestry will require the Marriage Event/Fact is transferred in a second step. If I recall correctly one can migrate in TreeShare to another person, then back to the same Person in that couple to then transfer the Marriage Event/Fact. At a minimum one would need to refresh the comparison of that RM Person Record to the Ancestry Person Card before adding the Marriage Event/Fact.

I suspect that is still how things work in RM 8.

Logically the couple has to be created in the database first, then one can add the Marriage.

I see the same issue in RM 8.0.4. I consider it a bug not a feature, since it should NOT be a two step process. The core issue is you have a person that’s “changed” in your Ancestry tree, and when you pull down the spouse your only is to accept. Once you do that it falls off your changed list and there’s no effective means to get it back.The only way to add the marriage event at that point is to update the person on Ancestry or RM, which would return it to the changed list so you can complete your work. When puling from Ancestry it should work the same as from FamilySearch. Add the person, add the marriage fact and say what person it does to. The form should not disappear. You should not have to update the person again.

I go to Settings / Webhint Settings / Ancestry / and then uncheck the box that says ‘remove from “changed” list after accepting changes’

I can then add the spouse and accept the change. As the person doesn’t disappear from the list, I can then add the marriage then accept the new change.

This means that I always have to manually hit the box with ‘x’ (just above the changes) when I’ve finished with amending people but I avoid forgetting to add the marriage.

There is a problem with that approach too as when I add the spouse - and their parents are added to RM at the same time - the parental marriage doesn’t automatically import so I have to find one of the parents and add their marriage.

Keith, you say it is a “bug” but I am not really sure that I understand what your suggested fix is. As Harold pointed out Ancestry does not have Family Events, only Individual Events. Surely the only fix would be for Ancestry to introduce Family Events. I am trying to look at this logically, but maybe I am not understanding the problem fully as I don’t have an Ancestry tree and don’t use TreeShare.

The issue is coming from Ancestry TO RootsMagic. Nothing needs to be changes on the Ancestry side. RootsMagic needs to understand that I have just added a Spouse, which it knows because I just told to do that. It even shows the spouse in the “pending” actions. It won’t recognize that pending spouse as a target for the marriage event unless you accept, but once you do that the person you’re working on disappears.

If you’re going the other way (RM → Ancestry) you can just merrily click your way through and it’ll add the marriage event and the spouse in pretty much any order.