TreeShare issue

I have just added a number of new persons to RM8 through TreeShare from Ancestry. As always after I enter new persons, I run the usual checks including Problem Search. In many cases the usual problem is Birth date is after Baptism, or Death is after Burial. I make the corrections and then run TreeShare again so that I can update my Ancestry records. What I find is that TreeShare now picks up a Marriage Record that wasn’t included in the original download. This is a common issue for me and has occurred for some time, and I wonder how many Marriage records are now missing in RM8 that are showing on Ancestry?
I assume the only true way of fixing this is to Download my Ancestry Tree into a new file?

Haven’t seen that but you can run the Fact List report. Of course using these parameters will result in people who were never married But it will give you a starting point. You can always download again, just give it a different name I’d suggest.


Good suggestion thanks, however, the report generated over 4000 names which is too much like hard work to review. I guess I’ll download my Ancestry Tree again into a new file, which I seem to need to do regularly to overcome issues I have with TreeShare (the biggest one is regards how Ancestry/RM8 handle Media files).

Yes, Ancestry and RM treat family events, like marriage, differently. This has been discussed in other threads here and on facebook (for example - TreeShare marriage records on add new individual ). I try to import the people first, including the spouse and then the events, so it’s always a multistep process.

Treeshare will show you where you are missing Marriage events and you could manually download them one at a time using treeshare. (There may be the same issue with divorce as well.) That’s probably the best method if RM is your master file. If ancestry is your master, then a fresh download to a new RM file would be simplest, Going forward, you might want to refresh treeshare after downloading data to verify that all data came across. I view/edit every ancestry citation that I import via treeshare to transcribe citation details and fix source data that ancestry doesn’t send automatically. This also serves as a validation.

It picks up people who were never married, people who died young, etc. You could create a Group of who died after age 16ish and see how many the report shows of just that Group. Can’t think of a way to show just couples without marriages.

I understand the need for the “2-step” process where you have to add a spouse into RM8, accept the change, then add the marriage event. This happens most of the time, so that is not the issue I am referring to,
My issue is where I have just downloaded from Ancetsry into RM8, a couple who are new and have a marriage event/record in Ancestry. This event/record is not picked up by TreeShare, so there is no way I can see that the event/record is missing (because there are couples with no marriage event/record for them on Ancestry). If I make a change to either of the couple consequently, only then will TreeShare pick this up and this could be days/months later.
I’ll take a closer look next time I download another couple.

[Edited]You could create a group with number of spouses >= 1 and marriage fact does not exist.

This didn’t work as expected but Marriage fact exists is False and Number of spouses >0 seems to give the right results

Thanks, that worked and found 3 results or couples without any marriage event. These were ones I knew about. I’ll still check on my next TreeShare sync where new couples are added.