Cursor - Pop Up Hints Conflict

This question is for the developers. I realize this is a picayune issue, but if it can be changed, I would greatly appreciate it.
When I hover over a button to determine what its function is, many times the resulting hint box (or a large part of it) is covered by my cursor and it is difficult to read the hint. If I try to move the cursor a tiny bit to see the rest of the hint, it of course disappears. I did a limited survey of the some of the programs/apps on my computer to get a feel for how this action functions in other programs and, although most hints for those programs pop up in a box down to the lower right (as does the hints for RootsMagic) and are sometimes partially cover by my cursor, but most show enough to be able to read and understand the purpose of the hint (unlike hints in RootsMagic that are sometimes obstructed too much to read). Microsoft Office hints, however, pop up above the button in question and can be read unobstructed.
My question – programmers, is the location of the pop up hints windows hardwired into the program that you use to create RootsMagic and can’t be changed, or can you select where those pop ups appear when the cursor hovers over a button? If they can be changed, would you consider maybe having them pop up above the button so that the cursor and the hint box do not conflict with each other, or at least have them pop up a little more down and to the right that they presently do?

Have your screen settings been altered to make the text size larger or are You using an custom enlarged mouse pointer? I can offer this observation… the hint’s popup position changes depending on from which direction the mouse cursor approaches the button, with moving the cursor from south up to the button producing the popup farthest below the button.

Thanks kbens0n. I reset my cursor settings and the curious result I was experiencing has disappeared. However your last sentence gives me additional help. I’ll remember to approach the buttons from below instead of from the lower right side from now on. Thanks again.

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