Command Palette - ability to modify?

There’s a standard Windows keystroke combination (shift + ctrl + left) that selects a full word at a time. (Useful for quick text selections).

Currently, it seems that combination is mapped in the Command Palette to “Back”, which I find unhelpful / degrades my user experience.

Is it possible to edit the Command Palette commands? (I’ve looked in the app settings and Wiki, without finding a way.)

If there isn’t a way, then please consider this a Feature request. A user shouldn’t lose standard OS functionality, or should at least be able to override an app and restore it.


When I asked for that, I was told:

Here is a list of the existing hotkeys.
Keyboard Shortcuts - RootsMagic Wiki

The hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+arrow are already being used.
Ctrl+Shift+Left - Back (History)
Ctrl+Shift+Right - Forward (History)

You could try
Shift+End - Select to end
Shift+Home - Select to beginning

No, you can’t edit them. This isn’t the first time RM has hijacked ‘standard’ key combos. This also isn’t the first time that this particular key combo has been pointed out as broken.

Hmmm. I did a forum search too before posting and didn’t find anything. Thanks for letting me know :+1:

Blah. Home and End go to all the way to the beginning / end of a line. Not quite the same. So whoever gave that suggestion to you really didn’t solve your (our) challenge.

You do realize that this is not the only place where people post issues, right? I seem to recall this was an issue first raised back in RM8. There are tons of posts in regards to hot keys issues across at least three support channels. Very little effort has been made to fix many of those issues and some missing hot keys were finally added back after enough complaining.

No, actually I didn’t. I just figured that the Community run by the folks who make the app would be the “place to be”.

Actually, in a way, it is anyway … this very helpful user @kfunk provided me with the scoop. :wink:

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The word selection feature I miss the most is a double click on a word and then a drag to select adjacent words.
I keep tryng it because it is do ingrained in my muscle memory- but of course it doesn’t work in RM.

It was Renee that gave me that suggestion.

You do realize that this is not the only place where people post issues, right?

This reads as an ill-tempered response to someone who asked a question in precisely the right way.

Where are the other places?


Currently, there are two main places, other than direct to RootsMagic support request on their retail website. One is a FaceBook group RootsMagic Genealogy & Family Tree Software | Facebook the other is here in this Discourse forum. But, prior to this forum’s existence, there was a different official RootsMagic forum, for many many years, that ran different software and looked different.

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Ah, then this is the ‘only place’ for me to post issues, as I ditched all social media, including Facebook, in 2018. Thanks for that clarification :blush:.