Please change the History Keyboard Short-Cut Keys

I note the RM9 Wiki pages are now online, and there in black and white are the offending items…

Please, please, please change the bindings of the Back (History) and Forward (History) actions.

Every Windows user uses these keys for text editing in every other Windows application.

The Chrome and Edge Web browsers use ALT+ Left and ALT + Right as the Back and Forward History keys.

It would make sense to follow suit and align those History actions with common web browsers, and give Windows users back their text editing controls.

I’m sure the small number of users who might be using these keyboard controls are vastly outnumbered by aggrieved Windows users who are frustrated at every attempt to edit text in RM.

Pretty please!!!


You don’t even need to change them. if the designers are concerned this will confuse long-time RootsMagic users, they can give the keyboard shortcuts a default, but allow them to be edited. Most mature applications do this, because they recognize that, apart from your point - MANY USERS HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH FINE MOTOR SKILLS.

Is it too much to imagine the makers might want to help people with arthritis, missing fingers, nerve problems, degenerative diseases, debilitating injuries…