Another bug in RM9.0.2 editor?

I wanted to add a tab space when editing a note but instead of inserting a tab, the tab button acts like a down arrow key, and makes the cursor jump to the line below it. Is anybody else seeing this or has it been reported previously? I did not spot anybody else mentioning this when I did a search. Running Windows 10, 64 bit.

I can confirm that I also see that. Running Windows 10, 64 bit.

Tabs are not supported in notes.

Thanks Renee. I had never noticed that going back to RM7. I rarely need to use tab spaces, but in this case it was easier than using the spacebar. When I checked an imported note in RM7 that I knew would have tab spaces in it they were all composed of individual spaces.

If adding the tab function to notes is as simple as checking a box in the coding software, please add it to the feature request list. If it takes a bunch of coding, it’s probably not worth it - at least for the infrequency I use it.

There is a Tab key on a keyboard.

It should be coded to operate in RM

So should all the OTHER basic Windows keyboard shortcuts that were omitted in RM8’s editor and have STILL not been re-enabled in RM9. That’s unconscionable.

Educate me about what I’m missing. What shortcuts don’t work? You guys make a decent point. Software any more is standardized with regard to basic computer functions. A Tab key does a specific task on all keyboards.

I can readily think of 3 things that the Tab key does without combination keys and they depend on the context: advance to next field, insert a tab control character, insert a block of space characters in lieu of the tab control character. So not just one specific task…