Data entry into Notes, etc

Is there any way to make RM9 insert TAB characters into the text instead of navigating to the next active screen element. I don’t mind clicking to exit data entry.
Background: I use notes extensively to document events/citations. Many of these entries benefit from a columnar layout. Counting spaces really gets old and doesn’t work well with variable pitch fonts. It especially fails with pasted entries that may have tabs that seem to show up as single spaces.

A configuration option to “Enable TAB display” would be greatly appreciated.

Pre 1850 Census records are a specific example:
William Frazer, Jun 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1

====== Male Female
0-10 1 0
10-16 0 1
16-18 0 X
16-26 1 0
26-45 1 1
45+ - -

The person counts in col 2&3 were lined up under the Male&Female headers prior to pasting.

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I would certainly like to create tables in RM notes.
I wish RM inc would let us know if they are moving toward full support of html in notes. Then I’d move away from space separated columns to html.
RM 7 allowed the use of mono spaced fonts in notes. I don’t know if that feature will return or, maybe font specification Inline, like bold, italic etc

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