Can I print from "Find Everywhere"?

Is there a way (other than screenshots) to print the list from Find Everywhere in RM9?

No, there is not. It would be nice to pull a report from it or, maybe better, save the results set for recall and to interact with the database the same as the original.

I was afraid of that. We will persist! Thanks, Tom.

FWIW - I just used a wonderful utility to work around this issue. I’ve had Abbyy Screenshot Reader 11 for a couple of years and highly recommend it: []
It’s a stand-alone utility for Windows, and reasonably priced. With it you can take a shot of any screen and export to numerous formats – including Excel. So from the results in RM Find Everywhere I crated a spreadsheet that I can manage any way I want. Rather a nice outcome.

MS OneNote (Free versions) has great OCR from screenshots so that might be an option