How to print Search results

I’ve done a search of my database to find all mentions of the word ‘police’ and it’s given me just what I wanted in scores of results. Now what? How do I print a report of these results?

I have searched for the answer and hope I’m not asking a baby-level question showing I’ve missed something obvious!


No. You can get lists of people using the narrow Search that is limited in its scope and does not show where amongst the person’s facts and citations the match was found. Find Everywhere has wider scope and is hyperlinked to the match but no report.

If there is no other way, I would try doing a screen shot and paste it into Paint etc–if the results are very long, it may take several screen shots

Thank you both. There we have a nicely formatted table of the answers I wanted, and the only way of printing a report is a series of screen dumps. OK so be it and off I go!

If you had a Customized Fact for Police instead of the occupation fact with Police as a role, you could go to Publish the Fact List and pick the customized fact and print a report from there

Ta for this. Sounds good and no way would I ever have thought of it! But this is an area database, not a single family and I didn’t know in advance that I’d want to check up on the scores of policemen over a century or so. And if tomorrow I suddenly want to check on shoemakers or shepherds…
No, it would be nice if I could do an everywhere search on anything and then export the result to a word processor or PDF.