Keyboard Directional Arrows

Does anyone else have problems using the directional arrows with RM8? I am doing some reorganization and using “lists” a lot. When I am scrolling up/down the lists, any list, I more often than not get the error message “Argument out of Range” and an option to send the “error report” to the Roots Magician, which I always do. I don’t even know what that message means and once I get the message, I have to close RM8 down and start again. VERY frustrating to not be able to use the arrow keys. Having to use the mouse is NOT convenient or desired. Any help out there, please?

On my mac the back…forward (command arrow Left…Right) do not seem to work and you have to use Bruces little icon. In lists like people the mouse, trackpad both scroll up and down but very jerkily making it difficult to use. None of the command key shortcuts seem to work. however I do not get an out of range error message. Much else I do especially if normal fast speed does give me access violation crashes.

You are describing my issues almost to a tee. Scrolling with the mouse, in any manner, is jerky and “jumps” lines…super hard to get the cursor where I need it. Which is what prompted me to try and start using the direction arrows…which work, except now I am getting the “argument out of range” unexpected error. If I go back to using the mouse, I get the “access violations” error. I am frustrated with how glitchy this program seems. I am a RootsMagic devotee since the beginning of Family Origins and this particular program has some serious massaging in its future to be anything close to the smoothness and intuitiveness of RM7. I know that Bruce and his team work tirelessly to fix these things…I am just really frustrated at how many times I have to close the program down during a single session for some violation or another. Never in my RM history have I experienced the kinds of problems RM8 has produced. Makes it almost not worth using it until these things are fixed.

I get this RM8 error frequently when I am using the down arrow key to scroll lists (Windows 10). Typically I am scrolling with the down arrow through the people index, place list or the source list when I get the error after many scrolls. I think it must be related to a table overflow in memory issue so after the error occurs, I terminate RM8 and restart it as many times as needed to complete the task. It is a hassle when I’m trying to clean up data. My assumption is that the RM tech folks are getting these frequent errors and are trying to diagnose the issue.

That is exactly what happens to me also, when I’m scrolling through lists up and down. I am also trying to clean up my database and using the arrows a lot so it is extremely frustrating to have to stop and close the program every few minutes or so… And yes, I do send the error reports so I know that they’re aware of the situation and are most likely actively trying to fix it.

I’m sure the argument error is not intentional and can be fixed. But it all seems part and parcel with the RM8 emphasis (it seems) on minimizing the use of the keyboard, and driving you to the mouse for even simple navigation within a window or dialog box. Maybe their testing just didn’t pay attention to that aspect? If I had manual dexterity issues then I would run screaming from RM8. They have “rolled their own” versions of the user interface and mostly dropped decades of Windows User Interface Accessibility guidelines.