Arguments out of range, program hangs

I receive the message ‘unexpected error argument out of range’ in no consistent predictable pattern. Usually I just click ‘send report’ and move on.
Most recently in trying to edit a citation when I clicked on the citation the box turned orange, does not present the citation for editing, and does not allow me to close or cancel. The X in upper right does not work. An Add Citation box is stuck on top, cancel does not close it, but when I click ok it gives me the unexpected error argument out of range. I hope someone monitors the error reports, there will be plenty of them.
Meanwhile I have to use task manager to quit RootsMagic. Frustrating.

RootsMagic Help If it is customer service hours there is a “Chat Now” button in lower right-hand corner. Out of hours, the same button will bring up the option to send a message.

Thank you, I do not see a ‘chat now’ button in lower right. I see an ‘online support’ button that goes to various help topics. The help page says it is for ‘paid customers’ - is this something other than just buying the software?

See the button in the very lower right, here. it might say “chat” if open or “leave a message” outside customer support hours.

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Ok, thank you. I do see that ‘Leave a Message’ button when I use Firefox or Edge- for some reason it is blocked on Chrome.

Do you have RM7? If so, I suggest you use it to get work done on your database without the grief you’re having with RM8. I’ve developed a procedure to import the data from RM8 into RM7.

I like the fact that RM8 allows reuse of citations, and I want to keep using it for that feature. If it continues to be frustrating, I may go back to RM7; I appreciate the info about your SQL script for that.
I looked into the SQL script for naming citations in RM7 to prepare for RM8, but apparently because I have just used templates provided by the RM program, running that script made no difference in my original RM7 database. I have a ways to go to come up to speed on SQL, and I appreciate the SQLite Tools for Roots Magic web page!

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