Bug in Rootsmagic 9.0

I’m seeing this “Argument out of range” error constantly. It occurs on the third click of anyone on the screen. When I click the [OK], I can then click on 2 different people but on the 3rd click, I’ll get this error again. Any thoughts?

If your version of RM is truly 9.0.n.n, then you should update it to the current version

The argument out of range error still happens according to reports here but not as easily caused as in your case.

The other thing you should do is to run the database tools Rebuild Indexes and Delete Phantoms.

If your problem persists, the submit a backup file with a support request to RM.

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Thanks Tom for the quick reply. I have to remember to be more exact when explaining an issue.

Yes, I do have the latest version.

I ran the “Rebuild Indexes” tool and the “Remove Phantom Records” tool and the issue still exists on the 3rd click.

I will play with it for a bit and see if I can solve it. Otherwise, I will submit a backup file as you suggested.

Thanks again. Tim

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I initially identified a fairly specific case that caused the argument-out-of-range error. That involved clicking several times on the carets in the descendants view that you use to move between generations. I now think that there are lots of other ways of making it happen, almost all involve lots of clicking between people in one of the people screens.

When I start getting the error, it keeps on occurring, as you say, with a small number of clicks between each error.

I think that this error is caused by some counter that the system uses for screen manipulation falling outside the range that it is designed for. I don’t think that it has anything to do with entries in the database. If I am right, there is no real risk that it will mess up your data and nor is there any prospect that running the database tools will fix it.

The way to fix the problem, for the time at least, is to close RM and then re-open it again. If your problem occurs like mine, you will have a relatively trouble-free time until you do a lot of clicking around between people (much more than three clicks) when you will have to close and re-open again.

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Once you receive an error message you need to close RM, otherwise you will receive error messages that are meaningless and build upon each other.

I saw something similar with lots of clicks but did not try to replicate (as it happened so infrequently).
Restarting RM does seem to reset the issue.

There is an access violation that can occur within 3 to 8 clicks BUT since you said argument out of range, I assume that you mean that you are working in your file for a while and suddenly get an argument out of range error and after that it happens on every 3rd click UNTIL you close RM down- when I was having this problem I submitted my file to support and they said.
It’s very clear by your description that you are receiving the argument out of range error coming from the list manager. Development is working on this issue. It can take 100’s of clicks before you see it. This error will not damage your database at all. You will need to close RM after you receive this error to clear it. Otherwise you get meaningless errors, most often the access violations errors message. The biggest thing is it annoying, but not harmful. We appreciate your patience while development works through this issue…

For me , it would happen somewhere between 650 and 1000 clicks or abt 40 minutes-- I was clicking on names in the Index on the left side and/ or using the arrows/chevrons by the person name to move up or down the line—work around is to close RM abt every 40 minutes or install a Mouse Clickr and shut down at abt 650 clicks…

If however you are having the problem by the 3rd click after just opening your database… post here again please…

Sorry for the delay is responding. I work on the road and sometimes it can be a week or longer to get back on here.

I did a little experimenting and yes, of course you were right (all of you). I had the program open too long. The error occurs after a while and then does a 3 click loop. Not causing any issues but just annoying. Perhaps, if the programmer were to just change the wording from “Argument Out Of Range” to “Time to take a break. Go for a walk or feed your kids. Reset program when you return”

Thanks everyone. I’ll have a lot more questions but luckily for you, I just received my “Getting the most out of RM9” in the mail. I’ll read that over first.

Tim - Cloquet, Minnesota