Unexpected Error Argument out of Range

Every time I open any of my database’s and start to work through them, after a few clicks I get an Unexpected Error Argument out of Range. I’ve found others having a similar problem and have been given advice to find the folder where the Rootsmagic file is kept and deleting a specific file, to which is said that it will solve the problem. Unfortunately it hasn’t, and I now find myself having to close Rootsmagic down every time. I don’t want to keep doing this for ever despite sending back all the reports appertaining to this problem. Can someone in the hierarchy of Rootsmagic please solve this issue. I work every day on my tree and many others and its becoming very frustrating.
Thank You.

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A bit more information may be helpful.
Are you using a PC or a Mac & what version of the operating system?
What version of Roots Magic are you using? (i.e.

Not sure where you heard to delete some file and that will fix it. I’ve never heard or made such a suggestion. We really do need more details.

I’m not the OP, but I’m having the same problem since the latest upgrade. I’m using version, on a PC running Windows 10 64-bit. It occurs when I’m in People view, clicking on various names in the index. I can click OK in the error message box and continue working, but the error keeps occurring. Closing the program and restarting it stops the problem for a few minutes, but it keeps coming back. Like Harvey (Derbys29), I find this very frustrating. Help, please?
Thanks in advance!

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Thank you all for the kind responses. Sorry about the lack of info, just trying to get this out there. I’m using a PC, Windows 10 on a 64 bit profile. Rootsmagic version:
Google is not be the best sources to find out the issue to fix it, hence the details to delete a file and restart was one of many so called fixes, it might have been the cashe or something to delete, sorry to be vague as I now cant find where I got the Information to do that. But all I know now is that it hasn’t worked and this morning the same problem has occurred again. So I’d like to know if the Rootsmagic team are in research of this problem and when it might be fixed. Seems a common problem to quite a few of us. As said before I research a lot of trees including my own and I can’t keep shutting down my work on each tree all the time, sorry about the post as I would very much like to get this sorted.

If you are working heavily through the lists, go in and out multiple times we have seen errors. I cannot recall though if its the access violation or argument out of range errors. So if you are working heavily in a list that issue has been reported to development. You will need to close RM and restart it again.

@Derbys29 and @Soprano91396 The error when working with lists or clicking on people in the side list and using the chevron next to move forward or backwards usually won’t occur until after quite a while

Try reading this thread ( start at top as Jerry gives a very detailed explanation) and see if this is what is happening to you as this will occur in a very short time – I could make the error occur in 3 to 8 clicks

Please let us know if this is what happening-- IF NOT then please tell us exactly the steps you take before the error occurs…

RM 8.5 will never be updated so, if ever the problem is fixed, you will have to upgrade to the then current version, i.e., a version of RM9 or later to benefit.

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Hi Tom,

Sorry for the late reply. That is an unfair answer to the problem a lot of people are facing. I haven’t had the series 8.5 too long, and I wasn’t thinking of upgrading as yet.

Might have been fairer for you to say that we will look into it for you, and if a fix is difficult to ascertain, then the latter might be apparent.

What about my consumer rights in having purchased this product? It’s clearly a problem for us all. On the premise that you have mentioned about upgrading to version 9, what if people and me had the same problem in that version, would you say to quote- “RM 9 will never be updated so, if ever the problem is fixed, you will have to upgrade to the then current version, i.e., a version of RM10 or later to benefit.”



Apparently, you think I am in some way a representative of RootsMagic Inc. I am just another customer/user, like you. The Administrators of this Community are from the company.

Generally, obsolete versions of software, like RM7 and RM8, are no longer supported. So there is nothing out of the ordinary happening there.

Tom is just a very helpful user who goes above and beyond trying to help others users who have issues with RM, and there are many of them.

As for your rights, you also have the responsibility to perform due diligence on a product before you buy it. If you had done that you would have found that RM8 is out of support and versions 8 and 9 are programs full of bugs and difficulties. That has been no secret to any user of this forum.

To be fair to the developers, it looks like there are only 2 programmers, working with outdated programming tools to produce a product. They have done a remarkable job to keep RM alive and retain whatever users they have left.

If RM turns out not to be the product you were hoping for, there are alternatives.

Hi & Thanks.

My apologies to Tom in my reply. I had no indication that he was a user like me, that never came across in his reply, again my apologies. Not knowing that RM8 is now obsolete. I wouldn’t have posted my concerns for correction within the software, I was asking for help in order to resolve the problem as it has become very frustrating when I have to close down every database I use.

I wasn’t being controversial or difficult, I was just wondering whether you guys had come across the problem before and whether it could be fixed.



No worries. I wasn’t offended. You can assume that, except for Renee, Bruce and Mike (the guys are rarely heard from), we are all customers.

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