TreeShare Issue Resolved (at least for me)

Based on some discussion on FB, I decided to use some of their suggestions and play around with trying to get my RM8 file reconnected to my Ancestry Tree.

The discussion talked about increasing virtual memory. Since I have lots of RAM in my desktop computer, I increased my virtual memory to 12,288.

I also checked my firewall settings to verify that RM8 had access to both the public and private network.

I quit all programs running in the background.
I turned off WiFi (my computer has a wired connection)
I reset RM and reset my tree
TreeShare crashed again at this point
Error logs indicated a problem with Kernel.dll

THEN ----

I moved my RM8 file to my C drive (an SSD drive). I normally save my files on my larger D drive.
I used task manager to end the services for my WiFi connection
Reset RM
Reset Tree

Ran TreeShare


My tree isn’t as large as some of the others reporting problems. I have 19970 people and 5033 sources with 21370 citations.

Hopefully, this will give others ideas on how they might get their trees connected.


This is a most interesting post. I’m pleased you got your TreeShare working and you have my congratulations. Thank you for posting this information.

But two things struck me from your message. One thing is that it seems to me that such heroic measures as you describe shouldn’t really be necessary to do something so basically simple as to connect RM to ancestry using TreeShare. From a user’s perspective, it all should “just work”. The other thing is that many or most of the measures you describe are well beyond the pale of most PC and Mac users.

So I think that over time, RM needs to improve TreeShare so as to insulate users from most of these problems. For example, it’s hard to see why a C: drive vs. a D: drive should matter. RM should make sure that the drive letter doesn’t matter. And perhaps RM should internally do something so simple as an internal Ping test before initiating TreeShare operations and let you know if firewall or other networking issues are preventing access to ancestry. It might not even be your computer sometimes. It might just be that ancestry is down right now. Etc. You shouldn’t have to be a technical wizard to use TreeShare.

I am puzzled about the virtual memory issue. I also have lots of RAM, and I’ve never been aware of any need to do anything to increase the virtual memory for any application. I’m not even sure how to do that on Windows 10. In the early days of Windows, you sometimes had to increase the size of the swap space on disk that supports virtual memory, but I haven’t had to do that in decades. These days, Windows seems to expand virtual memory as necessary on its own. And it’s also puzzling because RM8 is a 32 bit app on Windows and therefore it can’t use any more than 2.5GB of virtual memory anyway. So could you elaborate a little bit about your virtual memory issue?

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I’m not sure the virtual memory change had anything to do with my success. Others mentioned it on FB.
Either totally disabling the wireless or moving my file to my C drive is the change that helped TreeShare start working.
I still need to configure RM8 on my laptop. If I have trouble, I will try to do better at making one change at a time! (I wasn’t a good user of the scientific method!)

My wireless is always disabled so that might not have factored into your solution, however my file does live on a drive other than C:/, so I will try moving it in the morning.

I moved my file back to its original location and the link to Ancestry was maintained.

I tried getting TreeShare to work on my laptop and so far it doesn’t work. However, I didn’t spend much time looking at what else was running, etc.