A basic request for help on two significant issues

One is Mac OS specific, one is apparently universal

a) On Mac OS a large volume of updates will cause TreeShare to freeze. This can be downloading a large new tree, moving a large tree from one Mac to another, or any other large TreeShare activity.
b) Exporting a large tree to a GEDCOM. My 25000+ tree won’t export from Windows 11 or Mac OS. Multiple machines. Drag and drop won’t work.

Bugs happen. I’m good with that. What I’m not good with is RM not working with those of us that want to help fix the problems that we can easily reproduce. Let’s be a team, I’ll help, you tell me what you need. Just don’t waste my time telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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I’d open a support ticket and send them your database to look at. Up to you.

Opened tickets on both, one months ago. I’m simply asking RM to put some effort into fixing the root causes instead of working on workarounds.

And what would those root causes be then?

From what I can see their database operations are extremely inefficient, and mostly single threaded. On top of that the database tools ignore many issues, so correcting them may require a drag and drop, which will lose data.

Often they will close the support ticket when they’ve provided a workaround, not when the problem is fixed.


My tree with all connected relatives is about 100,000 people and my dirty research tree that contains the trees of DNA matches is 737,000 people. I prefer to work on my 27" iMac but RootsMagic on Windows is noticeably faster for certain operations - especially FamilySearch and Ancestry integration. I usually choose to use my PC for anything TreeShare related where I run a 64bit Rootsmagic executable.

Stability in my environment has improved dramatically over the past year. I dont see your exact problems but I can relate to your frustrations/ I’m assuming that you arent working on a shared filesystem? Best wishes


The TreeShare I’ve researched I’m pretty sure exactly what the problem is, and it’s related to the separate change tracking database created for Treeshare. If you move your large DB to another machine and it needs to recreate that database you’re pretty well hosed on a Mac. That said, you find your change tracking DB and move it too TreeShare fires right up. This issue doesn’t happen on WIndows.

The other big issue I’m having is both Mac and Windows, and at the moment I can’t create any books, export a full GEDCOM, or drag N drop to a new database on any platform. My database is nowhere near your size so I know RM could handle it, but there is a database curruption problem that I beleive started with the drag n drop I was forced to do to get around a place details currruption problem I was having in March, which forced me to reload back to November 2023 and reincorporate all the changes.

I havent been able to successfully use Place Details in my workflow. I generate lots of one-off databases to explore individual theories, and I have resigned myself to a lowest common denominator setup where I remove streets, hospitals, churches from place names. It’s unfortunate but its helped me to keep my place table to a manageable size.

Does your database contain lots of non-standard gedcom tags introduced by ancestry? The last time that I had a similar sounding problem with a database I recall using a per-database configuration that defined the set of facts that would be exported as a gedcom to force some gedcom fields to be excluded/ignored when dumping a gedcom.