Treeshare and large files with RM8

Is there a fix yet with RM8 allowing it and treeshare to work with files greater than 29000 people. I have a file with 154000 and treeshare times out and never connects

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No. No official acknowledgement of the problem (that I’ve heard) and no commitment to fix it or a date for a fix.


Mine is just under 25k but won’t share. It is the only db I was sharing with ancestry so I did two tests.

Tiny (under 100 ppl) db imported into 8 from 7; used Treeshare to upload new tree on ancestry without a problem.

Small db (under 3000 ppl); created ancestry tree from 7; imported to RM8 from RM7 - treeshare worked fine.

Main db is a no go. Will try a fresh boot, close down malware bytes and let it run overnight - but I’m not holding out any hope.

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tiny database with media does work but my 360 person file with media has always failed in RM8. A serious bug that times out and is getting no attention.