Rootsmagic app on Ipad 9th generation downloads file but shows no information in app

I downloaded the RM app, then took the latest backup file and copied it to my PC desktop. Changed the extension to rgmc and then used Itunes file transfer to upload to the Ipad. The Ipad shows the file when I select “Files” and confirms that the database loaded. The result is that all of the boxes in Family and Individual are blank, and nothing shows in Pedigree and Descendant. I’ve slammed my head against the wall and cannot find out what I’m doing wrong here. BTW the Dropbox approach didn’t work. I didn’t even get that far.

RM backups cannot be read by either the app or RM. The app can only read a RM7 file format which must be created in RM9 by File>Export Data>Dropbox. In RM9 the backup must be restored. You should also note that iTunes is no longer supported by Apple per an announcement this month.

BobC’s message covers it. But nevertheless I wanted to follow-up on the concept of changing a file extension.

Simply changing a file extension does not change the content or format or actual file type of a file. In most cases, changing the file extension of any file will render the file completely unusable unless you change the extension back to the correct value. This is not just with respect to RM files. For example, you can’t change an *.txt file to an *.jpg file just by changing the extension, or vice versa.

In the case of RM, RM7 databases have an *.rmgc extension, RM7 backup files have an *.rmgb extension, RM9 databases have an *.rmtree extension, and RM9 backup files have an *.rmbackup extension. You can’t change any of these file extensions to any of the others and expect to have any success.

Not to confuse the issue with too much information, but RM backup files are really *.zip files in disguise. You could actually rename an *.rmgb file or an *.rmbackup file to be an *.zip file and then you could use a ZIP file utility to see the contents of the zip file. But that doesn’t change the basic issue. An *.rmgb file contains a zipped version of an *.rmgc file and an *.rmbackup file contains a zipped version of an *.rmtree file. But the only thing the RM mobile app can read is a standard and unzipped *.rmgc file. Even though RM9 databases are not *.rmgc files, RM9 can use the File => Export => Dropbox process to make an *.rmgc file that can be read by the mobile app, just as described by BobC.

Thank you Bob. I followed your comments and it worked. You helped clear up some fog, which allowed me to learn something new. I appreciate it.

Jeffy, Thank you for the insight into extensions. Good to know. Once again you helped me get through a bit of a challenge! Thanks!