RM9 Annoying dropdown to select WebHints/Problem Alerts/FamilySearch

In the Pedigree view and Family view for each person there are 3 icons (which may be active or inactive depending on colour) which, as a refugee from RM7, I am used to just clicking on the one I want… In RM9 when I hover over the required icon a dropdown appears and I have to move down to another copy of the same icon which is within that dropdown box. I find this annoying. I can see that the icon in the dropdown is larger than the one in the main view so maybe you have done this for accessibility - but I’d prefer to just click on the one I want and have done with it - it’s distracting - in the main view the icons are displayed horizontally and then in the dropdown they are displayed vertically. I’ve got used to a lot of differences with the leap from RM7 to RM9, but this one keeps tripping me up!



Don’t click twice, just hover over the person tool icons and then click the icon for the tool you want. It was done for accessibility, with more room to view and click on buttons.

I was guessing that was the rationale, but to me the hover is the moral equivalent of a click. The result effectively seems to be like an extra and unnecessary click. And for that matter, I usually use an extra click anyway because the hover stuff comes up much more quickly with the extra click than with just hovering and waiting. It’s a jarring wait to have to wait on the hover.

Could the icons just be a little bigger in the first place and get rid of the hover? Or could there be an accessibility option to use the hover or not use the hover?

The person tool icons are one big button. The icons cannot be made larger or it will jeopardize being able to view the names. As long as the mouse hovers over the button where the icons are it will bring up the pop-up. You can always click on the button instead of hover.