Selecting people for reports

I have found when running custom reports, or any report that allows selection of whom to include, that the Selection box is either a tiny sliver difficult to see, or is completely invisible, and I have to take blind stabs to find it.

Can the selection box be made larger and less transparent?

There is something very puzzling about your screen shot. Namely, there is no down pointing chevron on the far right of the Select People line.

I tried to get a screen shot of the “Include which people?” dropdown box on my RM9. But the dropdown box pops under the main RM screen when I open my screen shot software. Therefore, I can’t get the screenshot I want to see. Just from looking at my screen, the down pointing chevron is there whether I have clicked on the Select People line or not. And my dropdown box is always big enough that it shows the Select From List option plus the first six of my groups. I have to scroll to see more than the first six groups. It sounds like your dropdown box is not big enough.

I don’t have any ideas at all on this one. I could picture some possible scenarios where the dropdown box is not big enough. I can’t picture any scenarios where the down pointing chevron is not there at all.

If you make an entirely new RM database and add one dummy person and initiate the process of creating a Custom Report and click on Select People, do you then see a proper dropdown box?

I think you need to open a trouble ticket with the RM HelpDesk on this one.

I had to chuckle – I think this might be a first :slight_smile:

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If computer resources are low, especially for graphics, some icons may not show up. I would restart the computer and see if that helps. The other thing to check is that the database is not inside of cloud storage, like OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

@PatrickR and @thejerrybryan --here is a screenshot of what mine looks line


Windows 11 new version of RM set at font size 100

I think that’s what it always should look like for everybody.

Using the ideas here, I checked, and the Selection box is simply too small by default. I have to expand it just a tad to make the dropdown visible.

But after doing so, it reverts to the same thing each time I run a report. I will have to expand it to get the dropdown each time, but that’s better than it not working at all.

Issue resolved. Thanks all.

I wonder if this may be caused by some incomptible combination of Windows display settings and RM program settings. What are they?

I agree with TomH and offer, in addition/combination, Display aspect ratio of monitor/HDTV

The Font Scaling setting appears to affect this popup window. 100% appears normal, 120% makes the dropdown bar too narrow…

And with these aged eyes, I set my scaling at about 133.

Okay, maybe that IS something they could fix, making the popup window size independent of font scaling.

Thank you.

Actually, I wish I could set a point size rather than a scaling factor. I suspect there is an important technical reason why it needs to be a scaling factor rather than a point size. But I’m more comfortable myself with point sizes. I also wish I could set the font. I would certainly choose a different font than the one used by RM9.

Hear, hear.

I am hoping that this is the first effort, and that they will eventually give us a choice of specific fonts and sizes rather than the slide.

Of course, I’m also STILL hoping that they will return the function to its regular Windows use. Maybe, if they’re going to make the same software work on both Windows and Mac platforms, they can check for which platform they are on and set the appropirate function keys for each of the different platforms. This apparent insistence upon robbing Windows users of regular functionality in the name of “compatibility” is far from satisfactory.