Feature Request: Select currently focused person during Group creation

Hi - It would be great for the currently selected person to have focus in the people index when creating a new Group:

Step 1 - Select People > Pedigree > choose someone
Step 2 - Select Groups > Add New Group > Free-Form > Select People

The index of people starts at the beginning instead of automatically searching for the person selected in Step 1 above. It’s difficult to remember the details of the person you’re trying to add to the new group. The Add New Group screen is modal so you can’t switch back to the Pedigree view either.

Thanks for considering this enhancement.

This feature has been requested regularly ever since groups were introduced in RM4.

It’s not just groups, but any number of RM’s dialogs could be improved by defaulting the RM Explorer screen to begin with the current person highlighted. No generality would be lost by this default because highlighting the current person in this manner doesn’t actually select anybody. It just provides a starting point for doing a selection. Curiously, the color coding dialog already does this, but I’m not aware of any other of RM’s dialogs which have this user friendly feature.

Turn RINS on under Settings, General Settings, Number to Display. Then use that RIN# in the search box when the RM Explorer screen opens.

Hi @rzamor1 - Thank you for pointing out the ability to search by RIN in the index! We didn’t know that was an option even after using RM since FO days! However, it can be a 5-digit number to remember and type in our database which isn’t as easy as having it preselected :wink:

We’ve never searched by RIN before. When we did, the right person was initially found but then we received an access violation which we don’t often get.


It would be great to have the help text within the people index search box updated to read “Search (Surname, Given) or RIN”.

I was going to create a separate feature request for a copy RIN button as a second-best solution to this issue. However, most areas in RM already assume the currently selected person is going to be the initial target.

not sure of that error msg – by chance did you have any extra (possible) hidden space(s) or characters (Maybe from cut & pasting).


Hi @kevync1985 - We were manually typing in the RIN for our testing. It actually seems like the search/filtering action worked. But once we started clicking around after that, we received the error. I know that’s not very specific and we haven’t been able to reproduce it again. So, likely should ignore the error part of my post at this point :wink:

Are you using 2 monitors? If so, did you update to the newest version of RM 9 as version was causing errors with 2 monitors…

What view were you in when you were clicking around-- in descendants view, you can get this error in 3-8 clicks IF you are going from a person to their father using the chevron/ arrow next to their name-- the workaround is to pick a person somewhere below them, use their chevron/ arrow and then make you way back to the person and it seems you have no problems BUT have noticed that almost every time I do this, it is fine UNTIL I go to Close the database and then I get the error ( this error was detected before version …

When you say clicking around were you using the arrows by the person’s name and/ or the index on the left side to move around? This error was actually reported sometime in Version 8— BUT it doesn’t happen right away-- it usually occurred for me between 650-1000 clicks BUT once in a while less than that…

Are you pausing your Cloud Service while using RM ?

These errors are basically just annoying as I have never lost any info when they happen-- they are also RANDOM ( except for the 1st two mentioned)-- I can have 5 errors happen in a day then no problem for say 3 weeks then I might get 1 a day for 3 days then nothing for a week or 6 weeks…

Basic advice is to shut RM down completely-- IF you keep getting them, try rebooting your computer…

Hi @nkess - We were using two monitors but never left the RootsMagic Explorer screen. We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue so we’d prefer to focus on the original enhancement request in this thread so we don’t lose sight of that :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to provide more insight into potential access violation root causes.