Relationship on Edit Person Screen

When I have a person highlighted in the Pedigree or Family view the relationship of the person is displayed in upper left corner under name and years of birth and death. When I open the Edit Person screen the upper left still shows the person’s name and year of birth and death but not the relationship. Is this just not available or is it a setting somewhere that needs to be turned on?

The relationship is displayed in the Index box which is available on all views except the Edit Person Screen. In edit person the left side panel is the “working” space to make your edits.

For me the relationship is not displayed, not even for my mother.
Only Birth/Death-year.

Hello from Norway.

It should show up at the People/Family page.

Hi karleif of Norway from midas2393 of Sweden.
It doesn´t show up in People/Family page or People/Pedigree view.
Still struggling with basic´s, so some elementary error probably.
Relationship calculator works correct though.

Hi agian. To set Relationship, set your selves as the marked person at People/Family. Then hit the pencil, there you will see Set Relationship. Have you done that?

I am the leader of the Norwegian User Group for RM. Do you want to be a member?

Thanks, problem solved.
As for membership I take a raincheck - busy with basics.
Ha de.

Yes, I see that. Didn’t know if there was an option to turn it on in Edit Person. Would be nice to have it there but not critical.

Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure that out for months.