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I have 3 versions of RM - 7, 9 and 10. 7 is my main go-to; 9 is my online interactive go-to; and 10 is I’m still trying to figure out what’s different from 9 version. When I open a file in any of them, that file populates the “recently opened files” list. I go back and forth between files and the three version for various reasons. The Recently opened files list is now so over-populated and confusing, I’m not sure what file is what. If there is a way to delete that list without renaming every file and trying to open it in the recents list to kick it out, PLEASE for my sanity, tell me how to do it! In 7, 9 and 10. I don’t always want to open the last file worked on so that option is not checked. Keep it simple please; I’m no longer the tech savy computer whiz I used to be. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help.

Please post a screen shot of what you are talking abt as I don’t understand- how many databases do you have in one RM file? the list in every database after you open the 1st file (I have in RM 7, 8, 9 and RM 10 ) lists recent and then found with the focus on files from that database at the top and all the others below by groups but each file tells you what database it is in…


Thanks for your response. What I want to get out of the list are the files I have worked on but don’t want to delete, but am no longer using. They still show up in the list and I keep opening them when I don’t want to. :frowning: Having a way to clear the list would keep me from opening them which keeps them in the list. What I have now done is to haul all of the old “not used, but I want to keep” files to a new folder OUTSIDE of RM and then I went through the list and clicked on them. The old files are “not found” and dropped from the list. What I have now is only the active files in each version - 2 each - the little file (my direct line) and the major file (everybody and his brother). :slight_smile:

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Truthfully the solution you came up with is the best way to do it—should you ever decide you do want to open one of the files you moved to the new folder outside of RM, just go down to BROWSE Files at the bottom of your list–click on the other folder and then the file you want to open…


I understand your issue totally. I clean out the recently opened list the same way you do. I wish you could I could just right click the entry and clear it that way.

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Since we both use RM7 as our go-to file, a “magic button” is not in our future. Coming up with a work around is the best we can do.

BTW - I just recently discovered that if I put my cursor on a name in the sidebar index, and type a name, it will take me to that person in the family view. Works in pedigree view too. I’ve been doing a lot of scrolling to find people when I didn’t have to. I know there’s that “search” function at the top, but it is more scrolling and clicking.

2 ways to get rid of Recent file list:
Easiest way is to Temporarily Move all your files Out of the Folder you have them in. Then try to open in RM and it will say “File Not Found” and it deletes from list. Then put files back into folder :slight_smile:

The other one is to edit the file RootsMagicUser.xml - this file contains the settings used by RM (font style & size, recent files, etc) so if you edit it, make a copy of it first.

My experience with technology lately hasn’t been the greatest, so I think I’ll pass on messing with an essential file. :slight_smile:

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Do the easy one for sure.