Exporting Gedcom listsing of recent folders

When I export a Gedcom file it gives me a list of recent folders. How do I delete one of the entries on this list?

You can, of course, delete it from the GEDCOM. Don’t know if there is a program feature way Rootsmagic uses a RootsMagicUser.xml file to preserve that info.
filepath: C:\Users\kmb\AppData\Roaming\RootsMagic\Version 8\RootsMagicUser.xml
example code: <RecentFiles><string>C:\RMdata\RM8\RM8demo.rmtree</string><string>C:\RMdata\RM7\RM7demo</string><string>C:\RMdata\RM8\DemoMaster.rmtree</string></RecentFiles>

i found the xml file you referenced and I hilghted the line that has the folder that no longer exists and it will not let me delete that recent folder line. Do I have to delete the entire .xmp file? Will it recreate automatically?

We’ll need a little more context. Is RootsMagic open? Close it. What editor are you using? What part are you highlighting? You should be deleting the surrounding and tags as well as the folderpath and then overwriting the original RootsMagicUser.xml file. I presume you’re hitting delete at some point, what happens, Error message?

Sounds too drastic at this point. Last resort if you cannot figure out what you’re doing wrong. And you are definitely doing something wrong. I can delete just a string of characters and the pair of tags surrounding them and then save/overwrite the file to accomplish your aim. I can delete the file’s entire contents and save/overwrite, but then many of the saved settings must be set up again. RM8 writes to that file upon exit (to save changes made during the session). Last resort, deleting the file, causes one to have to re-setup all program settings, paths window sizes, etc… Then, upon closing RM8, the file does get re-created.

Rm8 is closed, I hilight the line I want to delete including the word string and its arrows before and after. and hit the delete key…nothing happens…I have no special editor nor the knowledge of such an editor. I get no error messages. Does this help? This is the path I am using and i see on the taskbar that iE is opening and I did not use that…maybe the default editor you are looking for?
C:\Users\mylaptop\AppData\Roaming\RootsMagic\Version 8\RootsMagicUser.xml

Maybe this editing is beyond my abilities. Can I just delete the .xml file and reimport the rm7 into rm8 and will that create a new .xml file?

Sounds like you’re just clicking or double-clicking on that file in Windows Explorer. First and foremost… make a backup copy of the RootsMagicUser.xml file before doing any editing (so You can copy/overwrite it back to what it was if something goes severely wrong.) Then click the Windows 10 Start button in lower left corner. Then starting typing on your keyboard… notepad.exe and click on the Notepad app to open/run it . Choose File>Open and then navigate to that RootsMagicUser.xml file and click to open in Notepad. You want to delete the part below that is between the ^ marks:
Then again in Notepad do File>Save to same filename to overwrite with your changes.

I DID IT!!! I did a bit differently as I RIGHT clicked on the .xml file to open in Notepad. I carefully found the folder reference I did not want and hilighted as you instructed between the up arrow marks and hit delete…gone!. Now it no longer shows in my Recent Folders…hope I did it right as I did not know how to make a copy before I started.
Thank you for being so patient with me…I deleted a folder in that recent list and if I clicked on that deleted recent it brought me to another incorrect folder.
Again thank you!