Problems with RootsMagic logging into Ancestry, FamilySearch and FindMyPast

Is anyone else having problems with RootsMagic logging into Ancestry, FamilySearch and FindMyPast? I searched the community, but did not have anything pop up for this. Did I miss a fix or community post on this?

Since the new log in updates for Google and pretty much all online sites, this has been happening, my RootsMagic App/Program is no longer logging into Ancestry, FamilySearch, and FindMyPast. RootsMagic is logging into MyHeritage.

My computer, is using Windows 10, RootsMagic 9 with update

Not following the part on Google. Findmypast and MyHeritage have never logged in through RM. With Ancestry and FamilySearch you complete the login on their websites. At what point are you having an issue with logging in? You will need to login to both each time you open RM.

Google is now requiring the 2-step verification/two factor verification, as of 01 Dec 2023. And pretty much every device we have in my house is evolved in that. I would say at least 80% of the online services we have, are going along with Google and switching to the newer log-in/sign-in.

I can no longer just log-in/sign-in to FamilySearch and have it keep me logged in for two weeks (like the old days!), it makes me log-in/sign-in every day, and that is not even logging out the day before.

I am not saying that RootsMagic logs me into the mentioned programs/apps. I always log-in/sign-in to all these programs/apps, and RootsMagic use to know they were good to go. RootsMagic SETTINGS, and when you use the WEBHINTS, that yellow light blub dot on a person. When I click on the yellow dot to use the WEBHINTS, the RootsMagic program/app is NOT finding them, thus not showing any findings. The highlighted bar above the BLANK /EMPTY search, for FamilySearch, has: To see FamilySearch hints you need to sigh-in to FamilySearch. And for Ancestry, it has: To see Ancestry hints you need to sign-in to Ancestry (and be connected to a tree).

This past month, at what date/time/point/etc this started to happen I do not know, but it was after the last update of RootsMagic that I downloaded, and maybe even the one just before, as there were two.

And to add, FindMyPast and MyHeritage are both in the WEBHINTS SETTINGS. And I use to be able to click on the webhints yellow dot and it will have search through all of the sites and post the findings from them all. Now RootsMagic is not posting any findings, and this is with them all checked in settings, and logged into with open tabs.

Just so you know, there’s no need to login to these two websites in order for Web Hints to appear.

Thank you for the information. I was stressing to rzamor1 that I had all the sites logged on, in open tabs, and RootsMagic will not search FamilySearch and Ancestry, and report back with webhint sources. Prior to this happening, I was getting WebHints to appear by only clicking on the little yellow round dot with the blub in it … but now I am not (nothing appears) for the two main FamilySearch and Ancestry. I am currently getting FindMyPast and MyHeritage to show up. (was not earlier). When I first started today, after clicking on the WebHints, the screen returns blank, nothing found, on all the sites. After using tools, log out and log back in, and also a computer reboot in the mix, I sill get the two error messages from FamilySearch and Ancestry which I had typed on the prior message reply … which basically is telling me that RootsMagic does not find them, and/or does not find them logged on/in. It is not giving me those messages for FindMyPast or MyHeritage, and at the start of today, I was not getting any returns back on them, but I am currently getting returns back in the WebHints of RootsMagic for FindMyPast and MyHeritage. I have also during the day, logged out of all four of these programs and logged back into them. At some point today, as I have mentioned, FindMyPast and MyHeritage are working within RootsMagic, but nothing back on the main two others, which have far better usable sources than the other two. On FamilySearch and Ancestry only the bars reporting they are not signed on pop up. In Settings, I have all of them CHECKED to use. I have had all four logged on already, doing all the troubleshooting, because RootsMagic is saying it can not find them or find them logged on/in.

So you are using Publish > Ancestry TreeShare and Publish > FamilySearch Central to attempt login and they are each opening a browser window for you to acknowledge sharing your RootsMagic info with each BUT not getting these notification messages?

You won’t receive FamilySearch or Ancestry WebHints unless you sign into those features in RM. Go to Publish and click on FamilySearch Central and Ancestry TreeShare to login to each. Both FamilySearch and Ancestry are requiring a new login per session.

@VMK --I’m thinking outside the box here-- so 1st have you signed up for 2 step verification on Ancestry? If so, you need to add the code to the end of your password-- I don’t know if Familysearch has offered 2 step verification yet BUT it is headed that way…
@rzamor1 – there was a post not long ago that explained in great detail abt using 2 step verification on Ancestry-- perhaps if you can find it, you could pin it to the top of the thread for a while— and is it the same for Familysearch?
@VMK – I would go in and check your settings in case they have changed for some unknown reason… open your file – go to settings–under the gear , make sure that Enable FamilySearch support is checked–Under the light bulb make sure that Enable Ancestry, FamilySearch, FindMyPast and My Heritage hints are checked

Under the Light Bulb there is a reset for Ancestry and a disconnect from Ancestry-- Might try the reset-- the disconnect is if you have more that one tree on Ancestry and RM and you want to access a different one or upload a different one.

And finally, unless there is some reason, you don’t have to be logged into Google to use it-- I use it all the time and never log in-- therefore no 2 step verification… You could also download another browser-- Firefox/ Edge/ Vivaldi/ Opera ( if you can get it to work-- I can’t)-- make the new browser your default browser temporarily and see if you are still having problems accessing Ancestry and FamilySearch-- that would at least tell you if it’s Google’s 2 step verification that is messing with your access…

I just discovered the same problem here with, running on Wine 6.0.3 inside Linux Mint. Things were fine with the previous version, but since the update, Firefox is telling me that it can’t connect to localhost:9717. And at the same time, RM is asking me to check my firewall settings, which seems to make sense with this error, except that I’m quite sure that I did not change those settings.

I also see that since RM 9 is logging on via the FS site, I do see a choice between several ways of authentication, offered by FS, via Facebook, Google, or my FS username and password. And maybe Google’s 2 FA gets in the way when people use that with FS. I’m still using their standard log-on.

I will try the same procedure on Windows 10 in a few minutes.

A quick tests suggests that the FamilySearch log-in works well on Windows 10, with Edge and Firefox. And it did work well in Wine with too.

Is there a place where I can download version 9.1.1 or 9.1.0, just to run a few tests?

I have found that after logging in to FS via RM I get the hints after a few minutes. But I have to login to FS again to view the hints on FS. It would be better if a second login was not required.

Can you tell us a little more about what you see when you try to log on to FamilySearch? Do you see any error message in RootsMagic and/or your browser?

And also, are these problems new for RM 9.1.2, or did you already see problems with earlier versions?

I just read the Message from Roots Magic saying that unless I upgraded to V9 I would not be able to use and enjoy the features of Ancestry and Family Search with Roots Magic.
I have been unable to upload a RM Tree to Ancestry using the Tree Share Facility. Is this only available to those using V9 of Roots Magic?
I have attempted to log on to Ancestry using the 2FA option but it seems to time-out. Is this no longer available using V8.5.0.0 _ ?

RM7 and RM8 are currently working with Ancestry and FamilySearch. But, each provider will soon only accept the new login procedure that RM 9.1.0 now supports. Those old login procedures will no longer work when that happens. I just checked and the RM8 login to Ancestry is working with 2FA at the moment. Make sure when you login to keep the login screen open when it gives that first message of invalid login. Then when you receive the code append it to the end of the password with no space. It should let you in.

My issue is that it automatically tries to log into instead of the domain configured in RM. So for me my account is in and so I cant log in to Ancestry from RM.

Have you got the Domain set to in Ancestry Webhint Settings?

Yes it has always been set to

Have you tried to actually login to the page that opens in the browser? It should complete the login needed for RM.