RM7 not accessing FamilySearch database

Today I have been unable to access FamilySearch databases using RM 7 by clicking on the symbol after the person’s name to bring up potential matches However, FamilySearch is working with my saved information as I can access it through a Google Search and login. A screen comes up asking for my name and password I re-entered the password and clicked to bypass the box the next time. However, I have attempted a number of times in the past few hours and the RM program only indicates FS is loading without any results appearing. If this feature has stopped working, it will significantly impede my editing of my database as I frequently fill in missing information from my database that I find in the matching feature. Findmypast hints were working today. I did not see any from MyHeritage.

That is because FamilySearch turned off the access route RM7 used for access. There is nothing that can be done by RM to correct this. RM7 is now unable to access either FamilySearch or Ancestry.

Since RM 7 is no longer being updated, the now-required two-factor authentication will not be added.

On December 4, 2023 we released a blog article and email announcing Ancestry and FamilySearch’s plans to turn off the old login procedures used in RootsMagic 7 & RootsMagic 8. Both have now been turned off. Only RootsMagic 9.1 that uses the new OAuth technology supporting two-step verification would continue to work at that point.

You can read more about it here - Important: Upgrade to RootsMagic 9 to continue using FamilySearch and Ancestry features – RootsMagic Blog

For the experts on the list, what is the possible work-around for identifying matches either through FamilySearch or RM7? Since it had been some 5 months since the blog indicating changes, I did not believe the feature to match with FamilySearch would really go away.

I am afraid that constantly switching back and forth from RM7 to RM9 by gedcom to access this matching feature with Family Search Family Tree will result in losses to my database which I began some 30 years ago with Family Origins. I have about 47,000 names out of 299,000 that have no birthdate. I had been going through my database a few per day to try to find birth information and possible links to the parents of people with the missing BD on FamilySearch.

Why continue to use the obsolete and unsupported RM7? Sticking with old software versions is a tyro mistake that always causes problems. Also gedcom transfers often mangle data which you may not be aware of.

Because the option of RM9 is unpalatable! This leaves two options, continue using RM 7 and adapting or changing to another piece of software (of which there is but one option). If I recall correctly, even you don’t use RM9, choosing to instead use the other software option!

I am not certain why you would believe this. We were told up front that it was coming.

So my question would be why are you switching via GEDCOM? Why not keep working in RM7 and periodically import (not GEDCOM) into RM9 to get your hints? You can manually add the stuff you find to the RM7 database. The RM7 to RM9 import will leave your RM7 database completely intact. The GEDCOM import may loose relevant bits.

I was hoping for a database workaround so I could continue to edit and compare RM7 people to FS matches on one computer. No one to date has suggested a work-around. But I think I have an option that might work for others too.

I will import my current RM7 database to a RM9 on my 2nd laptop, Keeping both databases open, one on each laptop, I should be able to get FamilySearch matches on the 2nd computer with RM9, find my matches, then type what I need into the RM7 database on first computer. This will prevent automatic copying, but that is a small price to pay to find the matches, and I can continue to send information to FS using RM9.

Some of us prefer to keep using RM7 due to the ease of data entry and the fact the program runs more quickly. I do hope MyHeritage and Findmypast hints will still be available within RM7.

You can run both versions on same computer at same time because databases are independent of each other, Just Import from 7 to 9.

I do realize that one can have multiple versions on one computer, and in fact I have RM7 and RM9 on both. For me, it is easier to use two computers instead of attaching a second monitor to my 17” laptop and I already own a newer, faster 15” laptop. I need to be able to see both screens at the same time to do the editing. It would be great if the developers would add the FamilySearch access to RM7, but likely that would be costly or perhaps impossible for them to do. Since RM7 is so much faster and easier to use, particular for those new to computer genealogy, I don’t understand why both cannot be available for purchase (with or without FS access), but that is off topic for this thread. Not everyone needs the new features added to the current version.

They use different programming tools nowadays (for RM8 & 9) and there’s only two gents concentrating on the active version.

7 is available at Amazon.

Try to get a user of “other” genealogy software to switch LOL

  1. Good point–RM7 to 9 import would transfer all data. However the return trip to RM7 would require a gedcom with data damage or is there a safe alternative?

  2. What is the only other software option in your opinion? Many expert RM users went to family historian. Legacy and FH are not available on the mac.

When I watched MacKiev demo FTM 2024 the lead presenter used a mac to show existing features people under-used and the interface was bright and cheerful. Then Howard Duffy showed the few new features using Windows and the interface was awful–dark and drab with a poor layout.

RM7 will be 10 years old this Nov. It was written on 10 year old technology. There are limitations on what it could support. There was a reason RM8 was a complete rewrite. We’ve had a long standing policy that we only update the current version of our software. It’s also why we never sell older versions. People would be under the false impression that a newly purchased older version would receive updates no matter how much you tell them it won’t.

RootsMagic is the only software that will fully work with both Ancestry and FamilySearch.

You may have missed the bit about doing her work manually in RM7 so there is no need for a round trip. It is all one way to RM.

As for the other option, that would be FTM as it it the only other package that allows equivalent exchanges with FS and Ancestry.

Oh? Did FTM suddenly stop working with Ancestry or FamilySearch? Or does it all depend on your definition of ‘fully’?

FTM 2019 (soon to be 2024) works fine with both ancestry and family search and the sync feature with ancestry works better in my opinion. I can control sync to only be up to ancestry keeping the computer file as master.

FTM doesn’t have the access to all features of FamilySearch.

Specifically what features? This doesn’t seem to be documented on neither FTM or FS websites? I am not a church member so I can’t check those features to see what may be missing.