Migrating data via gedcom

Ok folks, probably been answered before, but I don’t see it in FAQ so will pose it anyway.
Got a new computer, downloaded RM9 from old one onto new one. Info to move old computer files said to use export via gedcom. did so.
Pictures can’t find the correct paths to paste them correctly. Don’t want to go through infinity linking names to pictures.
Is there no other way?

I don’t know what info told you to export as a GED file, but no!

You should download and install Rootsmagic from their website and enter your registration key. Restore your backup from the old computer (you do make backups, right?), then copy your media over.

If your media is not located in the same path as it was on the old machine, then you will want to run the media link fixer and point it to the folder where your media no resides.

If I understand correctly, you had RM9 on the old computer and RM9 on the new computer. Under those circumstances, GEDCOM is definitely not the way to go.

A common recommendation is to use RM9 on your old computer to make a backup with media and then to restore that backup file on your new computer. That approach will make sure you have all your media files on your new computer. A disadvantage of this approach is that it will place all your media files into one large folder on your new computer. So if you have a folder and subfolder structure for your media files, you may wish to try another approach.

In order to retain any folder and subfolder structure for your media files, copy that structure from the old computer to the new computer. Also copy your RM database from your old computer to your new computer. Start RM and set the Settings => Folder Settings => Media option to where you placed your media files on the new computer. Well, depending on how you had this option set on your old computer, you may have to run the Fix Broken Media Links tool on the new computer.

No matter what the overall approach is, you will need to copy files from the old computer to the new computer. One way of doing so is to use some sort of removable device such as a removable hard disk or a USB thumb drive. Copy the files from the old computer to the removable device and then copy the files from the removable device to the new computer.

Another way to copy the files is to use some sort of cloud storage such as OneDrive or Dropbox or Google Drives. Copy the files to the folder for the cloud storage on the old computer. Wait for the files to sync to the cloud. Then copy the files from the folder for the cloud storage to their actual intended location on the new computer.

This is a very broad brush description of what to do without including every single detail, but it’s the concept. But you definitely do not want to involve GEDCOM in this process at all.

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Well, I decided to use a little elbow grease myself and do my own research. About 5 minutes after I hit enter, I found the answer, and it works.
Sorry to have bothered y’all.

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