How to open rmgb extension on another computer

I have backed up my data on USB. If I pass this USB onto my son how can he access without the RM program or does he use my Registration key to access same. I would like to be able to pass on my Family Tree work. Not being very computer Savey I really don’t understand this side of things.

Have him download the RM Essentials (free version). Have him do a Restore (if you sent the backup file). The free version doesn’t have all the whistles & bells of the paid one, but he can always purchase it. Be aware if you want the media sent too you need to do the backup with media.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I am planning to give my son the USB to keep after I die, then he will become keeper of the Family Tree. This is why I’m curious as to how he can access the data. I had assumed that as I’ve paid for the program I would be able to pass it onto him and he could access it with say, my Registration Key. So for him to be the Keeper of the Tree he would have to purchase the program?
Also, I would need a separate Media folder on the USB as well?

Not necessarily, BUT… it’s a “single-user” license. Technically (or “legality-wise”)… You would have to stop using RootsMagic.

I suggest you buy your son a copy of RM9 now and have him install it on his computer. Or perhaps he will buy it if you request. He may not need to work on family history now, but when he does, the program with data will be ready for him to jump back on. At a time of serious illness or death, the family likely will not be wanting to deal with installing USB data and a program to a family computer. Get him up and running now. You can send him update for his database as necessary.


1 - when you backup With Media, RM adds your media & database together. You just need to make sure your usb is big enough to hold them.
2 - I wouldn’t wait until after you are gone. He doesn’t know how to use RM, he will have questions only YOU can answer (why did you do that Mom? how come people have different colors, etc). He can take notes that will come in handy later on.
3 - make sure he has the passwords to your computer, Ancestry, banks, etc

RootsMagic To-Go in RM8 and RM9 will run in essentials mode without the key. So you can give him that on your flash drive. You would have to add the media folder separately to the flash drive. You could just restore a backup with media to the flash drive to get it there. Another option is the Shareable Drive. He can always take the database and media off of the flash drive to use in the full or essential version.

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Thank you all for your replies. After reading all suggestions I will keep my back ups on a USB along with an additional folder for media, plus save to one drive and when I’m ready to relinquish my Rootsmagic project I will give my son my laptop with the USB. Thanks again for your help.

I recently replaced a laptop and pretty much cleaned out personal files except for family pictures and my RM7 program with data intact. I will be giving it to my son. However, this does not mean my son will ever take ownership of my project. If I were you, I would put my database on one of the large shared databases, minus living people of course. Unfortunately a lot of us do not have children or other relatives who want to continue our research. I’d hate for my many years of work to die with me. Giving it away while we are still alive assures that someone may come to appreciate our efforts. Also back up on more than one flash drive. Sometimes they bellyup, just like our computer hard drives can do!

Thanks mscheffler, I actually have joined Wikitree and I have printed out ancestors details in case Wikitree ever crashes. Being public you can’t add children and living persons details are always private. This is the reason I went for Rootsmagic so I’d have a record of descendants. Who knows in years to come some one in the family will appreciate our dedication to our heritage!

For a bit more insurance, most major online databases do not show details for living people, probably including Wikitree. Check to see if you can add more there.

Another option is put RM9 on your computer along with RM7. You can comfortably run both versions on the same computer. Then using the match feature between RM9 and FamilySearch, you could add your living people to Family Search Family Tree. Years later when those branches of the I family are no longer living, the names will be there for future generations. If you are continually adding living people to your RM7 database, you could, down the road, delete your RM9 database and reimport a new one and continue the process. Personally, I don’t gather much in the way of living individuals, instead focusing on my early ancestors. I’ll let later generations add their own families.

How about RootsMagic To-Go on a Flash Drive big enough to hold your entire file?